Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sexually Unfair

Everyone, male or female, associates women with sex. Even beasts and aquatic mammals readily find women sexually desirable. The Bible claims angels did as well.

"Fairness" is whatever people want it to be. "Fairness" is always the unfair advantage sought by its proponents. It is subjective, opportunistic sophistry and nothing more.

It is "unfair" that women are always associated with sex. It is equally "unfair" that women are weaker than men. It is "unfair" that women are the only ones burdened with pregnancy and the pangs of childbirth. So? Nature is real. "Fairness" is a whatever nothing.

Men are stronger than women. Men rule the world. Women have no say unless granted a say by men. Both anatomically and spiritually men have the penis and women the vagina. A woman may tease but a man can rape. Life is so unfair.

Men shall always dominate, even in a matriarchy. Women shall always be associated with sex, even when homely. So? Admire a man for being strong. Adore a woman for being sexy. Anything contrary would be unnatural.


  1. Reality has a way of trampling on all sensibilities. A fight against nature means swimming against the stream. You cannot help but fail in such a contest...

    1. So true! People who rant against reality fail to appreciate its countless perks.