Friday, April 28, 2017

Sexy Fact and Fiction

Women are the humanity we all find sexy. Male and female associate the feminine with sensuality. Feminism itself is an obsession with the sexual dynamic.

Female warriors are an uncommon reality that has become a common fantasy. Their appeal is sexual first and foremost. Male combatants are preferable otherwise, even as art and fiction.

Reality is unfair. There is no “equality” in nature. Stronger, smarter, faster or tougher dominate, period. Women are typically weaker and slower than men. They are not smarter or tougher, no matter the “politically correct” platitudes.

I appreciate the heroines of reality and enjoy those of art and fiction. I admire real courage and prowess and relish visual and dramatic allure.

Reality is insensitive. The truth respects no one’s person. Passionate sanctimony may find a voice in law or culture but it really is hot air.

Figments of imagination may look, sound and act like real people… but they are not real people, even if played by actors. No one is “empowered” by silliness in movies.

The damsel in distress holds her own, despite the disapproval of ninnies. Still, I would like to see more heroines and female villains.

I am a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. The sexiness of women inspired me from the very beginning. The adventure genre is my favorite. No one archetype of female character, damsel in distress or heroine, should be the only one acceptable. The very comeliness of such a character should never be a problem.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

God and the Worlds of Man

Truth is stranger than fiction, so do not expect to know the truth in passing.

God is the Trinity. The Father is its divinity. The Son is its humanity. The Holy Ghost is its sincerity.

The “male and female” mentioned in the book of Genesis were the humanity before Adam… but as his direct descendants. They were by the blood and breath of the Son of Man.

The civilization before Adam was destroyed in a War of the Worlds. The aftermath is mentioned in Jeremiah 4:23-26. This was the death of Mars and the desolation of Earth. An even earlier apocalypse obliterated the planet that became the asteroids and comets.

The civilizations of yore understood that height, width, depth and time are merely interactions of substance within space. Near or far, big or small are relative within a universe that is a single point. There is no multiverse rather there are dimensions of aspect within the quality of the quantity of one.

Nuclear power was unworthy of consideration when cosmic forces could be channeled rather than generated. Nuclear weapons would be useless against hyper-dimensional mastery of flow and balance.

The fourth apocalypse shall end as a nuclear war. It shall be the worst apocalypse because its weapons are the least effective. Imagine being stabbed to death by a butter knife instead of a sword.

In the beginning, creatures walked, swam or flew from one world to another no differently than form place-to-place on the same world. The first apocalypse broke these connections by throwing the worlds and heavens out of alignment.

Before the Confounding of the Language, human civilizations advanced quickly and dramatically. The prehistoric civilizations were like our own only greater. The “diversity” of our confusion supplanted understanding with notions. Sounds and scribble lost their meaning.

We pretend together that our nonsense is meaningful. The truth is what it is, however. In truth there is but one language and one religion and they are one and the same: the Way, the Truth and the Life. The one and only Word of God is the one and only language and religion. All others are false.

The Father of Man is your God. He is not a spook. He is the first and the last and as one of us. He is the Son of Man as the man of his own making. He shall stay the death of the world or else it would perish like the others.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Finding the Truth

People are interested in exotic cultures as if other people rambling in gibberish and doing silly things are somehow profound.

I judge a tree by the fruit it bears. Does a culture actually inspire people? Does it make the most of human potential?

It is argued that cultures should be judged by their own standards… rather than objectively. Every man’s ways are clean in his own eyes. I would be a fool to believe a culture is somehow important because it says so in its own nonsense.

We are mortal and only human for better or worse. We live and die in vain or for a life beyond our dust and water.

There is a God… and not because you believe or disbelieve. Learning gibberish and esoteric antics shall not avail you. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you shall see and hear the truth everywhere and in everything. It is not hidden within cultures. It is not lost to posterity.

The choice is never God or the Devil. It was and is truth or lies. God is the truth, not our gibberish and scribble. The Father of Lies tells everyone what they want to hear. The Devil was never our evil but rather the liar who assures us our evil is conveniently good.

The Father of Man is I Am Who I Am. The Son of Man is the Father of Man as the man of his own making: I Am Who I Am By My Own Hand. Behold the Hand. Behold the Nail. The Hand shall wield the Nail as its Rod of Iron.

There is truth and it is not cultural. Our understanding or misunderstanding is irrelevant. We have eyes to see the truth or we are blind. We have ears to hear the truth or we are deaf. See and hear beyond the semantics.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Inglorious Inspirations

I grew up watching the Red Shirts of Star Trek being readily slain by strange horrors. I read about Heracles slaughtering nameless Amazons in droves. I watched Imperial stormtroopers miss every shot only to be gunned down.

I am a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. I create. My creations are daydreams made manifest as fiction, images, challenges and melody.

I was grimly amused by how unceremoniously the Red Shirts were expended. The Amazons as a theme of sex and violence thrilled me exponentially. I was morally satisfied by how useless Imperial stormtroopers were against champions of justice.

Reality is that impersonal dynamic of cause and effect. It is what it is for better or worse. We may try to make the most of it, but honestly, we thrive or languish in accordance with a bigger picture.

Fantasy is that personal indulgence of thoughts and feelings. It is whatever we imagine. We make the most of it for our pleasure.

My reality is wholesome living among family, friends and neighbors. My fantasies are sex and violence among heroes, villains and monsters.

The Red Shirts are protagonists… but unless Uhura or Scotty, they are expendable nonentities. Their lives are insignificant and their deaths inconsequential. Their inglorious fate is a poetic justice to the shame of being ordinary.

The Amazons are antagonists… but are never sinister. Their villainy is a devotion to a warrior cult. Their fate is being women at the hands of men.

The Imperial stormtroopers are antagonists… who believe in law and order. Their villainy is loyalty and obedience. Their fate is being a pawn of government.

I love my inspirations. They were the little seeds planted long ago. They yield a bountiful harvest every season.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good or Evil

People smoke though it is unhealthy, even when others must breathe the smoke with them. They blare their music though it disturbs those who would rather not hear it. They send their dogs to crap in the yards of neighbors. They pluck the fruits of labors not their own. They litter.

Evil is usually not sinister. More often than not it is sheer apathy.

People say kind words to be encouraging. They tell the hard truth when it must be told. They do right by others and think nothing of it. They rise to the occasion when evil must be stayed or avenged.

Good is unassuming, always. It is the little things that make all the difference.

Our reality is good against evil. Tribes, factions and nations struggle but these are not good against evil. Freedom is personal. Justice is individual. There are no exceptions… for they are absolute in all sincerity.

The Axis powers were indeed the “bad guys” of World War Two. The Allies were irrefutably the protagonists. Is there any doubt good men fought and died for Germany or Japan? Was every soldier of the United States, United Kingdom or Soviet Union righteous?

One man or one woman must do or do not, for better or worse. This is good against evil. Neither thoughts nor feelings are the fight. Actions for better or worse by personal initiative are the struggle of good against evil in its entirety. What follows, for better or worse, is set in motion accordingly.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dreary Days of the Seven Years

My mother died seven years ago. She was not dying at the time. I visited her the very day before.

God exists but honestly, he does fall woefully short. No, he did not create evil or its murder and mayhem. Disease and disability are not his ideas. He favors the wicked, however. He then laments that all is in vain. He punishes the innocent for the sins of the shameless.

I am hot. Satan is cold. God is lukewarm. All that I do I do in all sincerity. Satan is the father of lies. God cares only not to care and bothers only not to bother.

The weather today is as it was seven years ago: dreary. My father asked me to visit but indirectly. I visited him only yesterday. I have no place to stay with him… because he would rather cast pearls before swine.

The Way goes nowhere. The Truth is uninspiring. Life is drudgery.

As things are, God is greater than his sinners… but no better. His knowledge and power are his greatness. Is this what distinguishes the wicked from the righteous? I shall have none of it.

There is a spirit of God not his own called “holy” by his Word. It is the imperfection never to blame. It is the innocence by which evil is even possible.

God made a leap of faith. If he fails the jump, we are all doomed.

My mother was alive, not a ghost, after she died… before she died… because Jesus made that jump. If he makes it, my mother’s call was not in vain.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sexual Humanity

Men are aroused by the breasts and buttocks of women. Yes, there are men who prefer boys, men or animals but these are deviants.

Women are aroused by success, a resonant and melodious voice, a playful wit or a reassuring smile. Oh, there are many exceptions but only because women are silly creatures.

Our sexuality is diverse. It is often perverse. It is the thing that makes anything and everything interesting.

Many women fantasize about being raped or murdered… though they would rather not be raped or murdered. The thrill of the fantasy is that it would be a terrible reality. The severity is exciting and the grim intimacy sexually interesting.

Many men fantasize about women being bound and gagged. Even those who do not are aroused by the idea. I find it sexy, as a fantasy. My compassion would not abide another person’s plight.

Our sexual fantasies do not always agree with our real preferences. They may be so outlandish as to be entirely impossible. They may not even involve our direct participation, even as a daydream.

I was sexually aroused by a fiction in a comic book: An armed man clad in full armor and anonymous behind a mask is standing guard. He is unaware of the monstrous pair of hands reaching for him… until they grab him by his helm and a shoulder and snap his masked face past the shoulder.

The killer and victim alike were male. The hero was the monster and the hapless baddie a human being. Though armed, armored and vigilant the victim proved helpless: He was smaller, weaker and easily caught unawares. The kill was unceremonious yet dramatic. The victim was left sprawled at his post to be found dead by his fellows.

I am a compassionate and heterosexual man who favors humans above all other creatures… yet I enjoyed every connotation of the provided fantasy.

Behavior is reality. Daydreaming is fantasy. Behave responsibly. Fantasize whimsically. Your humanity is worth the bother.