Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vain Glory

I am a writer and an artist. I created the cover and wrote the story for the novelette Vain Glory. It is the adventurous tale of a heroine who visits exotic worlds on a quest to save her own.

As a storyteller, I have a knack for refining the fantastic into something entirely believable. I am mindful that even the strangest things are a matter of cause and effect. I understand and appreciate that sex and violence are intrinsically linked. I ponder what it is to be human and distinguish it from what is soulless. I fight for good against evil and share my revelations.

My stories are fantastic yet realistic, sexual and violent yet thoughtful, grim yet inspiring. They are my waking dreams and nightmares.

Vain Glory is an adventure story, first and foremost. The title character is just living her life and daring to do what must be done. Her friends are those who love her. The enemy is a malevolence hidden behind the many faces of those whom she fights.

Good and evil are merely a matter of caring and uncaring. Justice pays righteousness no heed. Freedom is never by decree. It is one, never the many, who fights for good against evil. Vain Glory is about such a one... and those who fight alongside her. Good is always individual but its individuals always come together.

Vain Glory is available! Enjoy...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Shining Freedom

Generations are but the leaves of the seasons. History is the chronology of vainglory and mortality. All that rises by the hands of dust returns to the dust from whence it came. The water of the living is blood and urine alike. So what?

A free man is not a man of the many. He is his own man. He is strong by his own courage and justified by his own sincerity. He is a friend by the warmth of his own heart. He is wise by his own honesty and thoughtful observations. He goes where he dares to go and does what he strives to do.

I care but I do not care to save the world. Though I dwell among the living dead I am not one of them. I am beyond the dust and water of the world. My life is friendship. I live that my friends may find me. Those with eyes to see shall see my light. Those with ears to hear shall hear me. The heart of the living shall always know me.

I am but one man but I am freedom and justice. Even in the weakness of my living flesh I am beyond the mobs of the living dead. My friends are beyond the many.

The few dwell among the festering many. Beloved few, do not fret the slobbering masses. It was, is and shall always be the way of the many to languish. In their torment they snap and claw. In their mindless hunger they seek to devour whatever they can snatch and bite. Their names and faces are but shadows of what it is to be human. For all their humanity of flesh and blood they are living corpses.

I imagine. My thoughts and feelings dream for me and give me purpose. I ponder what it is to be human. I seek and find what makes life worth living. I am not alone. The living are scattered but they are with me. I find their light in the darkness and feel their warmth in the cold. We are the living. We are the light and the warmth in this cold, dark world.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Foot Soldiers of Evil

Plentiful, identical, expendable thugs of villainy. Who are they? Where do they come from? The foot soldiers of evil have always been the ordinary folk. They are mustered from the anonymous masses.

The nameless many graze like sheep. Heroes and masterminds rise from among them but as wolves in sheep's clothing. Heroes are warriors. Masterminds are ruthless. The timid and aimless fear these predators lurking among them. They grovel before the terrible genius of the mastermind. He gathers them and hurls their throngs at the hero who defies him. The many are slaughtered but there are always many more.

A hero is a man who finds his courage. He dares the impossible. He endures the assailing throngs. He bests the mediocrity that would overwhelm him. Should he perish, his death shall outshine the lives of the many. Victory or defeat, life or death, the hero prevails and the anonymous masses are shamed.

Many, ordinary and useless. Those who make nothing of themselves set the substandard for normalcy. Their lives are meaningless and their deaths insignificant. They are enslaved by evil and slaughtered by good and evil alike. Woe unto the common.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


The shedding of human blood is significant. When our heroes die in bed we mourn them. Should they be slain, we adore them all the more. Our villains die unpunished unless put to death. The end of human life by an act of will is a spiritual phenomenon beyond the mortality of flesh. It is an exercise of will at the ultimate expense of another.

Blood sacrifice, in all its guises, is the committing of murder with the intent of harnessing the energy released by the victim. The quality and quantity of the sacrificial life determines the quality and quantity of the energy released. Humanity is the only creature endowed with the divine spark (the soul), thus, a human being is the most potent victim. The shedding of innocent blood releases the purest energy.

Human sacrifice is not a ritual humanity has outgrown. The shedding of innocent blood for the sake of empowerment is more prevalent now than ever before. Our priests wet their knives. Our mindless masses cheer, believing the ritual shall bestow blessings upon them. We are told the sacrifices are necessary to preserve the world. Alas, for all our fancy toys and erudite sophistry we have not changed.

War is a clash of wills. The intent to kill is the will to prevail. The act of killing is to thwart or dominate. Lust, fear, anger and hatred are stirred to their utmost by rumors of war. They are realized as violence in the waging of war. Heroes are celebrated for killing and martyrs for dying. The common victims are mourned en masse. The slaughter of the enemy or supposed enemy is cheered. War is humanity pitted against itself. War is the shedding of human blood by human hands. It is killing with intent to kill.

People are thrilled and empowered by the slaying of people. Whether by murder, sacrifice or war, humanity is roused by the shedding of human blood. Right or wrong, good or evil, humanity is a race of killers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ultimate Good Versus Evil

In both reality and fiction, the champions of good wage war against the thieving, murderous forces of evil. Masterminds plot and subvert. Heroes find themselves vastly outnumbered by the minions of villainy. The mastermind sacrifices others at a whim. The hero risks himself to protect and avenge the innocent. "Right" and "wrong" may prove subjective. Good and evil, however, are very distinct.

A tempered strength and thoughtful effort are good. A conniving intellect and malevolent scheme are evil. All else is spoils or treasure. Hero or mastermind: all others are lambs gathered for the slaughter.

The war of good against evil is spiritual. In reality, the struggle is muddled by chauvinism and politics. The truth itself, however, is what it is regardless of such things. Freedom does not bend to will. Justice respects no man's person nor heeds any law or custom. The whimsical ways of humanity have no say in the matter of all that matters. The war of good against evil precedes and transcends mortal notions.

A hero is the only relevant force of good. A mastermind is the only will to evil. All others are victims and chattel. Ultimately, the war of good against evil is a duel.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Value of Human Life

"Fairness" is a nonsense that fails to acknowledge the reality that some are simply better than others. "Equality" is an ideal and nothing more. The vast majority of people are insignificant and their lives inconsequential.

Most of the few who make a name for themselves are soon forgotten. Most of the few who make a difference make little difference. I have more fingers and toes than there were ever relevant men and women. Alas, pride proves a vainglory.

In fiction, there are main characters and supporting characters. There are the anonymous masses: the bystanders and lambs gathered for the slaughter. Reality is no different. Your part to play is your importance. Your significance is your relevance. You must be interesting, even if hated, if you are to be remembered.

Do you shun renown? Are you content with obscurity? May your works prove memorable or else your life was in vain. Shine as light shines or be lost in the shadows of those who do.

For better or worse, for good or evil, a life that makes a difference is more important than one that does not. Significance is significant and insignificance irrelevance. Be hot or cold. Lukewarm is mediocrity. The mediocre are a dead weight that burden the heroic. The lukewarm are the chattel of the malevolent.

Is human life precious? It is the only life that can be. A man or woman may be lost in a crowd... or rise above it or sink below it. Choose and choose wisely. Your value is not a given. You must make something of yourself... or you are a nothing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sexually Unfair

Everyone, male or female, associates women with sex. Even beasts and aquatic mammals readily find women sexually desirable. The Bible claims angels did as well.

"Fairness" is whatever people want it to be. "Fairness" is always the unfair advantage sought by its proponents. It is subjective, opportunistic sophistry and nothing more.

It is "unfair" that women are always associated with sex. It is equally "unfair" that women are weaker than men. It is "unfair" that women are the only ones burdened with pregnancy and the pangs of childbirth. So? Nature is real. "Fairness" is a whatever nothing.

Men are stronger than women. Men rule the world. Women have no say unless granted a say by men. Both anatomically and spiritually men have the penis and women the vagina. A woman may tease but a man can rape. Life is so unfair.

Men shall always dominate, even in a matriarchy. Women shall always be associated with sex, even when homely. So? Admire a man for being strong. Adore a woman for being sexy. Anything contrary would be unnatural.