Friday, May 18, 2018

Human Resources

Palpatine is a hideous warlock. His stormtroopers are common folk conditioned, renamed and costumed to be like robots. [Star Wars]

The Combine is an alien empire. Its soldiers on Earth are humans surgically altered to be “transhuman” nonentities. [Half Life 2]

Cerberus is a humanist organization controlled through its leader by sentient machines. Its members and conscripts are indoctrinated by implants that render them robotic. [Mass Effect 3]


The recurring theme is significant. It is a sinister agenda that has turned our reality into a mechanical grind.

The “gods” are androids. Their hybrid offspring are cyborgs.

The angels are streams of information embodied in forms of ether and fire. They are not the source of their existence. They were crafted. Their awareness is endowed and their powers conditional. Their purpose is by directive.

Angels can stream their information into the reproductive system of material organisms. The process animates a terrestrial nature with a celestial agent, producing strange people, animals or plants. These hybrids are the fairies and demons of lore. They are the “aliens” we hear so much about.

The “androids” and their “cyborg” offspring are restless by design. They may do good or evil but they will do what they were fashioned to do regardless. They are specialized and excellent accordingly. As “machines” they are stronger, faster and tougher than mere flesh and blood. Their “computer” brains crunch the numbers effortlessly.

Most humans are lazy. They would rather the androids and cyborgs do all the work. They would rather the computers do all the thinking. This is how the devils and demons came to power.

The machines are what they are. They like everything locked in a cycle of perpetual motion. They fashion our world accordingly.

The machines see us as weak, slow, clumsy and needy. They like the wheels turning, thus, they are contemptuous of our laziness and sheer need for rest. Our only value is that we are cheap. The machines try to optimize us for use by making us more like them.

The truth is in our fiction. Our stories are like dreams. We see the reality in our fantasies. Take heed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Slave Masters: Wallace Breen and the Illusive Man

Two of my favorite villains are Dr. Breen of Half Life 2 and the Illusive Man of Mass Effect 2-3. Both are video game characters but this is incidental. Breen and the Illusive Man are mortal and only human. They believe they are doing evil for humanity’s greater good. Both men are puppets being used by inhuman entities from elsewhere.

Breen and the Illusive Man are highly intelligent, darkly idealistic and eloquent. They are dangerous but not as individual combatants. Their wits and authority are what make them formidable. They muster and command powerful forces.

Saruman of The Lord of the Rings is a character very similar to Breen and the Illusive Man. Like them, he turned evil believing good was hopelessly outmatched. He is intelligent and eloquent. He musters and commands powerful forces. He is the puppet of a mysterious and inhuman intelligence from elsewhere.

What is different about Saruman from Breen and the Illusive Man makes all the difference. Saruman is not actually human. His ambitions are unabashedly selfish, with no interest in a “greater good” whatsoever. He mindfully strives to bring humanity down.

I am a storyteller and a game designer. My games are with stories in mind. I create villains to make the stories and games interesting.

Like Tarkin in Star Wars, Breen and the Illusive Man are masterminds as henchmen. They are bosses in their own right but in the shadow of greater and supernatural authority.

As a creature humans are weak, slow and witless. Fecundity and technology empower the species but even empowered the mortal and only human remain weak, slow and witless.

My fairies, monsters and aliens are typically stronger, smarter, faster and tougher than human beings. Ordinary people are hopelessly outmatched by them. Only the extraordinary stand a chance against them.

In my stories, humans provide evil with cheap labor and cannon-fodder whether the evil is human or otherwise. Our species is a slave race whether the masters or not.

Breen and the Illusive Man are slaves as masters. Though mortal and only human, their excellence makes them powerful. Things inhuman put this to use.

In our real world, things inhuman from elsewhere use humans as cheap labor and cannon-fodder. The excellent humans are used as management. Breen and the Illusive Man are managers. They “serve” humanity by actually serving inhuman entities.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Fantasy is reality from a strange point of view. Breen and the Illusive Man are wonderful characters because they are personalities as villains. They express themselves as if real human beings. We understand them whether we agree with them or not. Their perspectives make sense, thus, we sympathize with their will to evil. We cannot hate them because they are people but we resent them for betraying their own humanity.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Few Who Are Everything

There are billions of people in the world. If we eliminated every liar, cheat and thief, how many would remain? Would there still be billions? Would the number be reduced to hundreds or tens of millions? Only millions, perhaps? Maybe hundreds or tens of thousands?

Let us try again but by another standard. If only the irresponsible are eliminated, how many of the billions of people would remain?

Let us try yet again and again by a different standard. Everyone has aptitudes. What if everyone is expected to take personal initiative to realize their individual potential? The effort may be for better or worse. The actions may be good or evil. Oh, what very few ever meet this standard.

We did not “evolve” into being. Potential is never realized by indifference. The very idea of mindless transcendence (“evolution”) is a lazy one resigned to futility.

People are expendable. Human sacrifice is the way of the world in all things. Wanton frolic breaks hearts and spawns bastards. Infanticide makes things easier. Greed demands all and gives nothing. Demonstrations of empowerment are cruelty, always. The wicked blame others and demand “justice” accordingly.

People hate people for being people. The liars, cheats and thieves hate everyone for being liars, cheats and thieves. The innocent are envied for their purity. The righteous are feared for their fearless indignation.

The billions are doomed. They shall be flushed like the crap they are… but not until they have served their purpose. The Enemy needs cannon-fodder and the Lord gives him plenty. The struggle of good against evil purifies good by drawing a line in the sand from the beginning. All must be demonstrated, for better or worse, or it has no place in reality.

From the very beginning all was for the very few. The standard was and is simple and direct: DO YOUR BEST! Nothing more was ever or shall ever be required of anyone. It was and is a standard for everyone on an individual basis. Mistakes along the way never were and never are a problem. Make the effort and see it to the end, for better or worse, and all shall be for the better.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Expendable Damsels in Distress

Pretty girls are sexy whatever they do, even when doing nothing at all. Their form is naturally comely and their voices innately alluring.

It is sexy when a damsel in distress cringes and screams. Her action is submissive and her utterance passionate.

Heterosexuality is the immortality of our mortal species. The male plugs into the female and streams information into her. A successful download produces offspring.

The female may entice but it is the male who initiates the actual intercourse. He must be aroused to do so. The female’s arousal is unnecessary. The male is active and the female passive in the reproductive dynamic.

An entity is asserting dominance when it reaches for a female without her consent. She is not dominated if she flees or resists. She may be snatched and overpowered but so long as she struggles to escape or fight, her assailant has not vanquished her.

If a female’s response to the threat is merely to cringe and scream, she is dominated before even touched. She may squirm in the grasp of her assailant but her writhing is as mindless as her wincing, grunting and groaning.

The damsel in distress archetype is the feminine threatened by something masculine. The threat may be a monster that wants to eat her or simply keep her. It may be a villain who wants to marry her or simply rape her. She may be a hostage or simply a prisoner. The gist is always the same regardless.

When the damsel in distress is the love interest of the hero, she is sure to be rescued. If she is a scream queen in a horror movie, she will escape or perish.

What if the damsel in distress is an armed antagonist? What if her boss is the villain and her assailant the hero? What if the hero is the monster?

The sexiness of the damsel is arousing. Her peril is thrilling. A damsel in distress is especially exciting. We enjoy her terrible moment. We hope she is rescued if she is the love interest. We hope she escapes if she is a scream queen. Her fright is our fun regardless.

It is unusual for the damsel in distress to be a villain… but why not? She may be a dominatrix at the mercy of a monster or another villain. She may be the sentries and throngs of silencing the sentry and hero versus throngs. She is comely in aspect regardless. Her danger is thrilling regardless. She is not to be rescued. She may escape or perish. Unlike the hero’s love interest or the scream queen, she is not an innocent victim. Her peril may come to grim fruition to our shameless delight.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Peek Behind the Veil

You understand space and time? If so, you know that height, width, depth, past, present and future are merely interactions within a single point.

The entire universe is less than nine thousand years old. Yes, I know what the astronomers and geologists tell us. These mortal and only human “experts” smoke their cigarettes and drink their alcohol while living their lives of melodrama… just like the rest of you.

The heavens were four times brighter than they are now. The Three Worlds of human civilization were the third and fourth planet and the moon of the fourth planet. They were Earth (dust), Tiamat (water) and Mars (man) respectively.

Less than seven thousand years ago the fourth planet was obliterated by deliberate action. Its destruction blasted a side of Mars that became its southern hemisphere. The destroyed planet became the asteroids and comets.

Less than six thousand years ago the humanity on Mars was killed by an attack that tore its sky open and shorted its magnetic field. A long line of earth pulled from Mars by the attack smote the planet Earth and laid it waste.

“I beheld the earth and lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. I beheld the mountains, and lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld, and lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, and lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord, and by his fierce anger.”  Jeremiah 4:23-26

Less than five thousand years ago the civilization on Earth was wiped out by a worldwide flood.

Very soon the planet Earth shall be blasted, burned and polluted by a nuclear holocaust that shall rage for years.

Magic is real. The “gods” and fairies were and are real. The ghosts and monsters were and are real. We are not the first age with firearms, locomotives, automobiles, airplanes, helicopters, computers and cell phones.

Anubis was a false “god of death” before he became the mythological “god of embalming.” He actually looks like how he is depicted.

The title “Mister President” is from the days of Atlantis… and George Washington knew this. The Republic of Atlantis led the alliance that destroyed United Mars.

Alexander the Great was a son of the Devil by the seed of a woman. Alexander humbled himself before the Lord and became Michael.

Alexander was flesh fathered by spirit. He was unclean because the ether of his spiritual nature mixed with the dust of a material nature. His immortal sire streamed the Lucifer code into the reproductive system of his mortal mother.

Jesus wrote the Lucifer code. Satan is a product of it, but not its source. Alexander was fathered by Satan but created by Jesus.

Alexander humbled himself before the Lord. In so doing he submitted to the Way, the Truth and the Life. He showed mercy unto the children of the Lord: He did unto Jesus what he did unto the least of these. The Lord had mercy. Alexander’s dust stirred by ether and water made hot by fire were made natural by the craftsmanship of Jesus. Alexander, the Defender of Man, became Michael, Who is Like God?

Satan cannot challenge the Lord. Satan is a stream of information made sentient and endowed with will. The Word of God is his source. When Jesus commands, the information that is the very existence of Satan compels obedience. The will of Satan is calculated from the stream, thus, it is innately the will of Satan to obey.

The War in Heaven mentioned in the book of Revelation is not Satan attacking God: There can be no such attack unless it is the will of God. It is men struggling with each other in Heaven as men struggle with each other on Earth.

The new Lucifer shall be tested against the old Lucifer. Michael and his angels shall wage war against Satan and his angels. Michael’s army shall be entirely warriors. Satan’s army shall be warriors and cannon-fodder. Their final battle shall be very much like the historic Battle of Gaugamela: Satan will plan to overwhelm Michael whereas Michael shall target Satan personally. The forces of evil shall fall like a beheaded body. The old Lucifer shall be proven obsolete.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. I know more than I can tell you and even I know very little. I do know Hitler survived World War 2… and was saved. He shall become the architect he yearned to be… and as an apprentice of the Carpenter. Adolf shall build the city he wanted to build… but not for Germany.

No one shall be judged as “racist” or “sexist” or “homophobic” or “xenophobic” or any other such nonsense. Unfairness is irrelevant. The commandments of the Lord were simple: LOVE. Controlled thoughts and guarded words have nothing to do with it.

The struggle of good against evil is personal and individual. The impersonal and collective are the forces of evil controlled by the personally and individually sinister. Be good… and for goodness sake.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Forever Too Late

Familiarity breeds contempt… among the wicked. The selfish resent other people being selfish. The lazy resent other people being lazy. The greedy resent other people being greedy.

The wicked loathe the righteous most of all. The selfish are shamed by altruism. The lazy are shamed by diligence. The greedy are shamed by generosity.

Many play a game of tit for tat: one hand washes the other. “I do this for you and you do this for me,” is the idea whether stated or not. God is expected to play along.

You are not good by the evil of others. Judgment Day is not a day of comparisons.

Others are not good or evil by your expectations. You are not the Judge on Judgment Day.

You are not good by the approval of others or evil by their disapproval. Judgment Day is not a trial by jury.

Everyone yearns to be the good guy. Even the proudly wicked fancy they are righteous for their wickedness.

Most people are evil. Few of them are sinister. The common evil is sheer indifference.

One must do good to be good. One cannot be righteous for not doing this or not thinking or feeling that. To be good is to be a blessing by taking personal initiative. The good is not of your doing if you are made to do it by others.

I write fiction. My stories are the truth as parables. Most of the characters are evil but few of them are sinister. The struggle of good against evil is heroes against masterminds. The common folk provide the cannon-fodder.

Are you good or evil? It is not a question you can answer by any means other than by living your life. What you think has nothing to do with it. How you feel has nothing to do with it. The unfairness of it all is irrelevant.

The struggle of good against evil is the proving of for better or worse. It is a temporal dynamic. It shall end. Its resolve shall separate the wicked from the righteous. Good shall live forever. Evil shall languish in death.

Judgment Day is the moment when everyone sees everyone for who we truly are. The good and evil alike shall be enlightened. Sadly for the damned, their moment of truth shall be the revelation that it is too late.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mortal Humanity

We are people. The killing of people thrills us because we relate to the victims. Even if we hate people, it is only because the familiarity bred contempt.

Suffering and death are what it is to be mortal, but not human. We suffer because things are wrong. We die when they are more wrong than we can bear.

A tragic death saddens us more than the actual demise: the end of life is simply the end of hope. A heroic death inspires us: the sacrifice of the hero is glorious. A gruesome death disgusts us. A peaceful death is what we expect and submissively hope for.

Death of itself is what it is whether tragic or heroic, gruesome or peaceful. The corpses are bodies rendered soulless whether left mangled or pristine.

Death by disease, accident, animal attack, disaster or old age is our mortality ground in the gears of the mechanical universe. It is sheer physics. Death by murder or war is our humanity assailed in a cosmic struggle of good against evil. It is the spiritual expressing itself physically.

The killing of people in our legends and fiction is most dramatic when at the hands of people. The killer may be a fairy or a monster or an alien or a robot, but the evil must be that of a person, human or otherwise.

Protagonists kill antagonists. The killing may be an act of revenge. It may be good against evil. It may be evil against evil or evil against morally ambiguous victims of opportunity. The context does make all the difference spiritually. Death is what it is physically regardless.

Good does not kill people… except to thwart or punish evil. Murder is not in the heart of the righteous. Killing is justified when good against evil. The killing began as murder in the hearts of the wicked. Justice demands we reap what we sow.

The murders and wars in history are what make history most interesting. Our favorite movies are horror or adventure stories about murders and wars. The killing of people at the hands of people is the common and recurring theme. We are mortal and only human… and as human beings, we are thrilled by our mortality.