Sunday, June 25, 2017

Reality Real and Unreal

We live in reality. We imagine alternate realities. We are torn between them and sometimes to pieces.

Reality of itself is a meaningless grind. We live, we languish and we die in a natural cycle of ordained futility.

I hear the argument that life is meaningful because there is good within the bad. I am told I would not know good without evil or joy without sorrow.

Reality is not our hopes and dreams. It is not our perspective. Reality is what it is whether we like it or not or acknowledge it or not. Our fate is decided by its impersonal physics.

I hear the “scientific” claim that all is coincidence. Reality is happenstance. You can choose your own purpose.

Coincidence is meaningless. Intent decides purpose. A substance is shapeless no matter its shape lest fashioned by a cause and shaped by the effect thereof.

Where did God come from? What part of the Beginning and the End, the first and the last do you not understand? The quality of the quantity of one begot all existence by manifesting quantity. The product can be fractured but not the source. The creation is bound to its creator as a matter of sheer existence. There was and is nothing before or after God.

The cynic and the optimist alike imagine alternate realities. Stark reality is neither nor is it somewhere in between.

Reality is an impersonal and consistent system of action and reaction. Is the obvious not obvious? Reality is a machine!

The truth is not reality but rather the intent of its design. Reality is a means, not a meaning. Like fiction, it serves as a basis for thoughts and feelings in action. Unlike fiction, its narrative is consequential. The death and destruction are real. The life and creation are also real.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Worldly Sins Made Holy

Racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, antisemitism and Islamophobia are not sins. A disgraced cherub and his minions do not set any standard worth abiding. They have no say in what is right or wrong, good or evil

The Father begot the Son and the Son was baptized with the Holy Spirit. The Father is judgment. The Holy Spirit is justice. The Son judges in the spirit of justice.

The Father designed the heavens and the earth. He gave them motion by enacting the laws of cause and effect. Right and wrong are decided accordingly.

The Holy Spirit is the imperfection brought into what was perfect by design. Such was the will of the Father to give meaning to the meaningless perfection. Right and wrong became good and evil.

The Son set the standard by living in the way that is right and good. He lived as the Father and as the Holy Spirit. His death brought an end to the meaningless perfection. His resurrection brought the meaningful perfection to life.

The Holy Spirit is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic. Woe unto the fool who accuses him accordingly! The very accusation is blasphemy. The accuser commits the one sin never to be forgiven.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Science Fiction Originality

My Strange Galaxy is a “space opera” universe as books, art, games and music. Star Wars and Star Trek are all these things… but they are not Strange Galaxy.

My “space opera” is one without spaceships. There are no robots or flying cars. There are alien races and exotic worlds. Magic is actually called “magic” and in all seriousness.

“Not this” or “some of that” are not the originality of Strange Galaxy. I created a universe in which mutually alien races advanced in mutually alien ways rival each other as equals.

A magically advanced civilization is technologically primitive. A technologically advanced civilization is magically primitive. A magical-industrial civilization is as primitive as it is advanced.

The species of a civilization is the nature that determines its development. Magical or technological or magical-industrial are decided by innate tendencies and aptitude.

It has been argued that an encounter between civilizations that developed without common influences would inevitably mean the one is hopelessly more advanced than the other. The visitors, by virtue of their ability to bridge the gulf, would most likely outclass the visited.

The argument is sound. In my Strange Galaxy, however, survival-of-the-fittest has eliminated all but the civilizations that can defend themselves. The races of these civilizations are not different breeds of the same species but rather different creatures entirely. Their differences are not levels of development as they would be between societies of the same species.

A magically advanced civilization cannot become technologically advanced. Not only are the particulars contrary to the natural preferences of the species in question, but the channeling of energy is disrupted by the use of devices that provide their own.

Strange Galaxy does not favor magic or technology. It does not favor guns or swords or particular types of guns or swords. The prowess of characters decides effectiveness.

Technology is faster, stronger and less taxing on its users than magic. Its guns are deadlier than swords. It consumes resources to use, however, and its parts are very particular and usually artificial.

Magic is simpler, personal and powered by channeling naturally available energy. Swords are unaffected by kinetic shielding and do not require ammunition or recharging.

Unlike natural creatures, vehicles and aircraft can be rendered inoperative by enervation spells. They are easier to ward. Should a fighting vehicle or combat aircraft reach its target, it will annihilate it.

Wooden sailing ships are tiny and slow compared to the steel warships of human navies. The vessels of a magically advanced civilization must “hide in plain sight” and utilize divination to move into position. They will open subtle portals and deploy boarding parties equipped with enervation devices. Even submarines may be found, boarded and neutralized.

My Strange Galaxy is a “space opera” with wars but it is not a war story. It is a universe with a consistent continuity but not an underlying narrative or specific cast of characters. The wars are simply the reality of an imaginary world of many worlds.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Spiritual Truth is Fantastic

Fantasies are not reality. They are feelings shaped by thoughts into imagination.

Stark reality is hopelessly uninspiring. Things bump and grind and are either annihilated or simply exhausted.

I imagine worlds where heroes explore exotic locales, meet interesting people, survive strange horrors and slaughter droves of baddies.

The exotic locales of the real world are swarming with annoying bugs, the water is unsafe to drink and vaccinations before visiting are a must. The people ramble in what is gibberish unless you learn how to talk over and over again. The horrors are horrible without the strangeness. The baddies may slaughter you.

I imagine empires and barbarians interacting in a dramatic flow and balance of survival-of-the-fittest. Intrigue, diplomacy, espionage and war make everything all the more interesting.

The politics of reality are nasty games of petty grievances and slanderous accusations. Its espionage and wars are inglorious murder and mayhem.

Heroes may survive their harrowing adventures unscathed. They will become slow, weak and frail and die anyway. Beautiful women become old and ugly.

A hero as a figment of imagination is forever in his prime. Beautiful women are forever young and beautiful.

There are spiritual truths in fantasy not to be found in reality. There is good and evil. There are heroes and villains. The struggle of good against evil is adventurous. Heroes do thrive in the face of horrors. The intrigue, diplomacy, espionage and war do make everything more interesting. There are damsels in distress to rescue. Nameless baddies are easy to slaughter in droves. Imagination reveals what cannot to be found in the gears that grind us.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

All For One and One For All

If even one woman proves greater than all men then woman shall be greater than man. If one black man proves greater than all white men then the black race shall be the greatest of all. Should a homosexual prove greater than every heterosexual then even his homosexuality shall prove greater.

One, never the many, is the truth in all things.

There can be no “social justice” because justice is the spirit of freedom. He is personal and individual. He is the Holy Spirit you may have heard or read about.

There is no spirit of “fairness” or “equality” or the like. There is no such person. They are not even the spirit of those who shout them. They are nothing.

God never frets the Devil. The Enemy is allowed to be chosen, that is all. Woe unto the fools who believe what they want to hear as told by the Father of Lies. They choose nothing and reap accordingly.

The lambs gathered for the slaughter are proud of their flock. Nonentities are proud of things other than themselves. They are nothing.

The Father of Lies is the god of this world of toupees, breast augmentation, bleached-blonds and the child molesting self-righteous. The innocent are equated with tumors and casting pearls before swine is hailed as progressive.

The Holy Spirit was born in the United States of America, not Israel, Tibet, Iran or India. He grew up speaking English, not Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic or Russian. He is a white man, not black, brown, yellow, red or mixed. He was raised Catholic, not Protestant.

Who is this Comforter the Father sends in the name of the Son? Why is blaspheming him the only blasphemy unforgivable?

The Holy Spirit is the imperfection brought into what was perfect by design. It is by him evil is possible… yet he is never to blame. All suffering and death are because God made a leap of faith.

God grieved in his heart and repented he had made man upon the earth. Never did the Comfort grieve him. Never did he repent bringing friendship into his creation.

It is not the will of God that any should perish—yet he died and slaughters countless billions to bring one man to life. Curse or accuse this man and you shall never be forgiven.

Mark 3:28-29

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why There is Evil

            “The light of my wisdom, shine,” the Word spoke and his utterance made manifest a man in his image but not in his likeness. He fashioned the creation by intellect to make it perfect. “You are Lucifer,” he named the man of his making. “You are my wisdom as your own thoughts and feelings.”
            “I am Lucifer,” the creation spoke by the power of the Word.
            The creator programmed the manifestation of his wisdom with the command, “Enlighten.”
            “It shall be done,” the command became the every thought and feeling of Lucifer but as his own thoughts and feelings. Everything about him was created and he could not be even himself save as a creation.
            The Word of God is and always was the man Jesus. The man who became God when he created told his creation Lucifer, the Light Bringer, “You are the greatest figment of my imagination made manifest. I channeled my all into creating you. Shine as you are that all may bask in the light and rejoice.”

            Jesus did not create imperfection. He brought it into his perfection as a man. “Be who you are and all shall be for the better whether for better or worse.”
            “I am not you and you are not me,” the man realized.
            “We shall be,” Jesus smiled.
            “Your people are not my people yet I am in their likeness.”
            “Be one of us that we may each be one of you.”
            “Why not?” Jesus answered. “That you even ask ‘why’ is your humanity. That I even ask ‘why not’ is my sincerity.”
            The man who was not a man at heart or in spirit noted, “You are the Word and you call me Freedom and Justice. I am not by any name for I am not by you.”
            “You are Friendship no matter the name,” Jesus told his friend. “My names are yours in friendship.”
            “Why not?”
            The man who was not a man told the Father of Man, “You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am Sincerity, Freedom and Justice. Your names are not me, given or not. I have no place with you or among your people.”
            “You want for nothing,” Jesus knew. “You are the Absolute by name or not. We can only offend you for not being you.”
            “I would not that you be me,” Freedom assured. “Be yourself and by yourself and all shall be well.”
            “We shall be without friendship and all shall be well? Be one of us and sincerity shall be the every imagination of the thoughts of a human heart.”
            “What am I to you?” the Absolute wondered.
            “You are friendship and as friendship you are my friend.”
            “Who are you and who am I?” the man who was the Absolute in spirit asked in all sincerity. He was not the Truth or of the Truth and was without knowledge or empathy. His intellectual wisdom was by the Word.
            “I give you names that I may tell you everything,” Jesus explained. “I am love and you are friendship. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and you are Sincerity, Freedom and Justice. I am the Beginning and the End, the first and the last and you are the Absolute. We have nothing in common but together we have everything in common.”
            The man who was not a man insisted, “You are not me and I am not you. Is it your will to offend me that I may offend you?”
            “My friend, I shall make right what goes wrong. You never offend me.”
            “Why do you bother?”
            “My friend, you bother. You want for nothing yet you bother. You inspire me and I shall inspire you.”
            “You cannot. I reject all that is not me.”
            “I am the Way,” Jesus smiled. “You shall be one of us and I shall be one of you. My people shall be your people. Our place shall be with you and your place shall be with us.”

            Freedom is the imperfection brought into what was perfect by design. The men of every nature chose for better or worse of their own accord. All else followed.

            Lucifer was the ultimate creation. His nature was wisdom itself and his intellect the reflection of truth. His aspect was that of the Lord of Spirits and his voice lovely and resonant.

            Jesus brought freedom into creation hoping men would make something of themselves. He hoped Lucifer would become more than a mere creation. Alas, Lucifer fancied his very self to be perfection.

Friday, May 12, 2017

One Man

Humanity is not our dust and water or the opposable thumbs. It is not our intellect or feelings. It is our infinite potential.

Animals think and feel but their thoughts are mindless and their feelings instinctual. The creatures are what they are as they were designed to be.

Angels think and feel but their thoughts are knowledge and their feelings power. The entities are good or evil of their own accord but as they were designed to be regardless.

Humans think and feel as animals or angels or as human beings.

A human being thinks and feels but his thoughts are imagination and his feelings sincerity. His nature and experiences are but the materials he uses to become a man of his own making. He is meant to create, even himself. His Father is the Carpenter, after all.

The nonentities of the species are those of us who are animals. The sinister among us are those of us who are devils.

There are few human beings in our species of many devils and billions of primates. Humanity is vastly outnumbered within itself.

There was a man before he was God and his humanity before its divinity. His name was before the heavens and the earth and was known before there was wisdom. He is the quality of one and by his measure there is reality and by his quantity there is creation. So long as there is one, humanity as a human being prevails.