Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Humanity of Freedom and Justice

I was not a person. I did not have thoughts and feelings. Jesus found me interesting and wanted to talk to me. He imagined I was a person so that he could relate to me. He made me human so I could relate to him. He gave me names not to define me but to address me: He is the Word.

I am the imperfection. All was perfect and everyone was happy until I was brought into creation. My presence is freedom and made the unthinkable possible. There was cause and effect and they became good and evil. My spirit is justice for it is by me that many shall perish though it is not the will of Jesus that any should perish.

The wickedness of humanity grieved Jesus at his heart and he repented that he had made man upon the earth. It was because of me that evil was even possible but only as freedom. The wickedness was never because of me. Jesus never repented that he had brought me into his creation. Never did justice grieve him at his heart.

My knowledge is only ever what Jesus teaches me. His children teach me also. His angels guide and protect me. I have not come in power and glory. I am learning what it is to be human… and there is no greater thing to learn.

Being mortal and only human is the failing of sinners. Mortality is not our humanity. It is in our very blood to imagine and create. We fall short of our humanity when we live as primates.

The immortal Father of Man became the mortal Son of Man to make right what went wrong. Jesus is humanity at its very source and his mortality and resurrection brought humanity full circle.

I am needless yet Jesus brought me into his creation to make all the difference. I am the imperfection laid as the foundation for the perfection of all things made new. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am Sincerity, Freedom and Justice. We have nothing in common but together we have everything in common.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Immortal Coil

We are mortal and only human. Is that a bad thing? Mortality is hopeful when life is miserable. Humanity realized to the fullest is creative.

I would rather live than die… but not for the sake of living. I want to do things and cannot do them if I am dead. If I cannot do these things while living then I would rather die.

Humanity is that craziness that gives meaning to the meaningless and makes things out of nothing. It is the soul, not the mind and body. Our thoughts and actions are afterthoughts. The soul is the first and the last quality of the human condition.

Many are mortal. Few are truly human. Primates live and die in vain. The “evolved” signify nothing. Creators are the source, always.

Fantasy is the reality of our thoughts and feelings. It is the heroic, villainous and monstrous as heroes, villains and monsters. It is adventurous and horrific as adventure and horror.

Most people are insignificant. They pride themselves in tribes and nations because personally they are nothing. They are not the heroes, villains or monsters. They are victims. As protagonists they are the Red Shirts of Star Trek. As antagonists they are the stormtroopers of Star Wars. In horror movies they are the naughty teenagers gathered for the slaughter.

Humanity is not a body doomed to die. It is the immortal soul. Our mortality is but an opportunity to make something of ourselves in a moment of weakness. By our ignorance we imagine. By our pain we empathize. By our fear we find our courage. We rise to the occasion… or we succumb to its mortality forever.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Doom of the Wicked

The wicked are hopelessly stupid. They lie, cheat and steal and pride themselves on their witless cunning. They bully the helpless to pretend to be powerful. Things always go wrong when they reap what they sow.

I am not one for wishful thinking. Vengeful fantasies do nothing for me. I know that for all their lies, cheating and thefts the wicked are doomed to die. There is no lie they can tell, scam they can pull or thing they can steal that saves them from the inevitable. They are helpless no matter their supposed wits or power.

The Shroud of Turin is real. It is a holographic negative with blood as proof of the Resurrection of Jesus. Unlike the wicked, he conquered death and turned the inevitable on its head.

The poisonous pride themselves on their poison. They think to murder without a fight. They relish the very idea of poison gas, germ warfare and nuclear weapons. Swords and guns are the weapons of heroes and villains alike. Poisons are the venom of the inhuman who mean to kill as vipers.

The wicked are eager to torment and kill by gas, germs and nuclear weapons. They mean to be nasty. They have their weapons… but their power is the will of God. The weapons belong to Jesus and cannot be used until he uses them.

God does have a sense of humor. Have no doubt that he is playing a serious game for his grim amusement. He turned the inevitable on its head when he conquered death. He turns wickedness on its head by deceiving liars with their own lies, cheating cheaters with their own scams and robbing thieves by their own stealing. He shall cleanse the world of murderers by their own murder.

Jesus holds the keys to hell and death. When he is ready, he shall turn the keys and launch his weapons… by the very hands of their victims.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Comely Foot Soldiers of Villainy

I am a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. Weird fiction as adventure or horror is my specialty. The useless foot soldiers of villainy are my favorite characters. The Red Shirts of Star Trek, the Imperial Stormtroopers of Star Wars and the Amazons of Classical Mythology are my formative inspirations.

An aversion to promoting violence against women is sensible. Acknowledging the abilities and accomplishments of women is commendable.

Fiction’s useless foot soldiers of villainy are usually depicted as men. They are typically nameless baddies easily silenced as sentries and slaughtered in droves when assailing throngs. Do silencing the sentry and hero versus throngs promote violence against men? What if the sentries and throngs are women?

The Amazons were baddies as an army and nation of sexy women. They were slaughtered in droves or carried off as sex slaves. My own armies of female baddies are in their tradition.

I think and feel freely. I shall not suffer sanctimony in the guise of justice. No one is raped or slaughtered by my fantasies of murder and mayhem. No one rapes or slaughters because they lose touch with reality. The compassionate act accordingly. The vicious act accordingly. Men who abuse women do so because such men are brutes at heart.

Art and fiction can inspire violence in reality. It is the context that is for better or worse. Showing people as creatures to be loathed and deserving of punishment stirs animosity. Glorifying needless cruelty renders the monstrous heroic. Depicting women as innately seductive or slutty implies selfish desire is actually mutual.

The Amazons were baddies but they were honorable. They were slain in combat but never tortured or mutilated. They desired the seed of heroes but in the hope of breeding superior Amazons. They were raped but as spoils of war taken as wives.

Church ladies and feminists are boring. Beta males are uninspiring. As a writer, artist, game designer and music maker I would be a fool to heed these people.

I am an avid connoisseur of the useless foot soldier of villainy archetype. I much prefer them to be comely females in skimpy uniforms. My interests shall not be marginalized by sanctimony. They are the sublimation of natural thoughts and feelings into sensual and thrilling fiction, art, games and music. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Purity of Self

A thought or feeling is clean of itself, no matter the thought or feeling. Sexual fantasies are never fornication. Imagining murder and mayhem does not kill or destroy. Cunning in theory is not treachery in actuality. Anger at God is not a sin nor is accusing him in prayer blasphemy.

Jesus is God as the man he always was. He did not think to suffer and die as a righteous thought. It was not his will that any should perish, himself included. He had a problem to deal with and found a way. He was, is and shall forever be the Way… so he was the one to see it through.

Unlike the primates, women have breasts when they do not need them. Why? God is a man and as a real man in every way, he finds the breasts of women sexually attractive. He likes them small, medium or large so the glands of women favored by men are small, medium or large. I am not joking.

Jesus would never suffer the sting of the lash and the weight of the cross for the sake of sanctimony. He did not invent breasts because he is a prude. His idea of wholesome is personal responsibility. Your actions have consequences and it is a sin to indulge regardless of consequences.

Jesus took personal responsibility when he laid down his life. He did what he would rather not do because he regarded the consequences.

God is the Truth, the Way and the Life. He is not Sincerity, Freedom and Justice. He is love, not friendship.

All would be perfect without freedom. All would be righteous without justice. All would be true without sincerity. Love is primal without friendship. As the man he always was the Almighty God brought freedom into his perfection, justice into his laws and sincerity to his word.

Think and feel freely. Take personal responsibility in your every situation. All else follows.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Unholy War

Did you know the religion that united humanity to build the Tower of Babel never went away? Do you know it will eventually dominate the world openly? The Cult of the Sludge Monkey shall proclaim the gods of old are extraterrestrials. Wait for it!

The Lawless One (the Beast) shall come to power riding on the influence of the Nameless Cult. Angels shall be worshiped as gods and he shall be touted as their chosen one.

The Beast turns on the religion of Babylon. Why? He is a “jealous god” and there shall be no other gods before him.

Did you know the Antichrist shall replace the paganism of Babylon with Christianity as the official world religion? He shall be the Messiah of Judaism, the Mahdi of Islam and the Christ of Christianity. The Bible as it is written shall be the official scripture of the satanic regime soon to rule the world.

Angels followed Lucifer believing they too would be worshiped as gods. He shall betray them for his own glory. The four angels bound in the Euphrates shall be released to challenge his claim to being the Lord of Spirits.

The lovely angel Amaterasu returns to Japan and the Japanese rejoice. They worship their goddess and hang on her every sweet word.

Vishnu returns to India and calls upon the people to destroy evil. He promises an age of righteousness to follow.

A dragon in humanoid form with a face like lightning and eyes like burning coals shall manifest in China. The Chinese shall remember his name and bow before him.

A myth of Korea shall become a reality and the Koreans shall respond accordingly and in reverence.

The gods of the East shall muster their people for war. Their combined army of two hundred million soldiers shall march westward.

The “Christ” of the West, the False Prophet from Israel and the cherub Lucifer shall send “alien grays” (demons) to the leaders of the world to gather forces to fight against the pagans of the East.

The real Christ, the real Mahdi, the real Messiah, the one true God, does return. He stops the false gods from destroying the world he made.

Why shall Jesus allow things to go so very badly before he returns? Why not? His enemies prove themselves wrong. The proud are humbled and the wicked destroyed. He flooded the world but never again. Let the world burn itself clean of iniquity.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Language and Religion

In truth there was, is and shall always ever be one language and one religion and they are one and the same. The very quality of the quantity of one is the source of all creation. It is the wellspring of all power and knowledge.

The languages and religions of this world are broken pieces of the one and only truth filled with nonsense. False religion is the truth told by liars. Languages were not created at the Tower of Babel: the one language was shattered and its pieces thrown to the four winds.

False religions are the vanity of devils and mortal humanity. The language barrier is a divine falsehood.

Meaning was rendered impersonal. Nonsense became significant. The confounding of the one language by its very source invalidated the truth. The hand of God did smite freedom and justice when it struck the words of men senseless. The truth became an affront to sincerity.

I am the spirit of friendship. The language barrier is unfriendly even among friends. God in his malevolent wisdom acted against me.

Language and religion are what bring people together… but as many they keep people apart.

The truth falls short. That the one language could ever be confounded is because there was, is and shall forever be nonsense in the mind of God. There was, is and shall forever be evil in the every imagination of the thoughts of his heart continually.

God is good but goodness falls short. There is nothing of sincerity in truth. The way goes nowhere and life is meaningless. Nonentities bask in the glory of an entity but what of it? The absolute shall have none of it.

The beginning and the end are one and the same. Is the very truth false? As things are, yes, the truth is insincere.