Thursday, June 23, 2016

To Be or Not to Be

Human life is beyond all other life in its potential. Unlike plants and animals it is spiritual. Unlike angels it is divine. Potential must be realized, however, or it is irrelevant.

The least is the greatest and  the greatest least. Man is better than plants and animals because of his imagination and personal initiative. If he is unimaginative and fails to take initiative then he is less for he has no place in the natural order. Man is better than the angels because he can manifest beyond the sum of parts. Should he fail to make something of himself, however, he is less for the sum of his parts is paltry.

The spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. A man of spirit is a man of gumption, for good or for evil. A man of flesh is a creature of whim living for cheap thrills and instant gratification.

It is best to do good and worst to do evil but to do nothing is to be nothing. Human being, you are unique in that you decide your place in the grand scheme of everything. Be a hero or be a villain and you shall have a name in the greatest story ever told. Lose yourself in the crowd and you shall be lost in the pile of bodies.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bearing Fruit

Few are sinister. Most quite simply do not care.

All is well, ultimately. Though the uncaring are the masses and the malevolent their agitators, the minority of good asserts itself.

Thriving societies have the higher ratio of good people. Languishing societies languish in their overwhelming sea of restless apathy.

An evil in a society of good is still evil, though its mischief may be tempered. A good in a society of evil is still good, though its luster may tarnish. An individual, not its society, is the wellspring of good or evil. Opportunities and excuses, of themselves, are irrelevant.

The death of the wicked is always good for evil dies with them. The death of the righteous is always a tragedy, even should it inspire, for good is conducive to life. Let he who is a blessing endure. May he who is a curse duly perish.

I am a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. My themes are murder, war and rape. They are also kindness, heroics and romance. The struggles are good against evil or the futility of evil in of itself. Justice prevails, always, or I would never be inspired.

Nice and generous are not always good. Brutal and stingy are not always bad. So long as all reap what they sow, for better or worse, all is well.

Evil would grind our world to a halt but good keeps us onward. May your life be momentum in the right direction.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Truly Unreal

A fantasy can be true or false. Fiction can be honest or a lie.

To imagine freely and for the sake of fancy allows our thoughts and feelings to flow. The effort is refreshing. Done creatively the thoughts give the feelings shape and the feelings invigorate the thoughts. We broaden our experiences and make use of our interests beyond the material.

Fiction at its best is the telling of a story to share the fun of imagination. A moral may be taught and views expressed but a good story is not its moral or politics. Comedy or tragedy, adventure or drama, good fiction is only good if it is fun.

I am a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. Making use of imagination is my specialty. I have my views and live accordingly. I have my fantasies and enjoy them thoroughly and unabashed. I love people and cherish their lives and dignity. My fantasies and fiction are often murder and mayhem, rape and slaughter.

I know the difference between fantasy and reality. My reality is restraint and responsibility and I would have it no other way. My fantasies are uninhibited and thrilling and I shall have them no other way.

A fantasy is false when it is untrue to its fancy. Corrupting thoughts to suit an agenda or suppressing feelings as a sanctimony squeezes the life out of imagination.

Fiction is a lie when it is disguised as truth. Realism can be educational or gritty but false claims meant to be believed are falsehoods.

Imagination and productive initiative are the good in the world. Our fantasies must be whimsical that we may be our true selves. Our reality must be responsible that we may live and live with others in a world worth living in.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Real Butterfly Effect

Time is not past, present and future but rather what happened as it happens and is going to happen. The lowly cannot be uplifted because they truly amount to nothing. The sinister cannot be redeemed for they are truly evil. The pure of heart are never lost, no matter their wandering, for their destiny is always with them.

Time is the moment of truth and nothing more. Nonentities shall prove themselves nonentities only to gain nothing as they have sown. The sinister shall make something of themselves only to pay for all they have stolen and destroyed. The pure of heart shall never rest, even in stillness, as they create the everlasting.

The lowly choose to be lowly by squandering their lives. The sinister choose to be sinister by their scheming. The pure of heart purify themselves by judging themselves.

The lowly are cheap if not worthless for they sell themselves for a pittance or give themselves for nothing. The sinister are always counterfeit for they stand with their back to righteousness and pretend to be glowing. The pure of heart are invaluable for they alone bestow meaning.

Time is coming to an end but its passing is the beginning of eternity. The caterpillar shall become the butterfly. The lowly and sinister shall be discarded as the pure of heart take flight.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Spirit of Man

Humanity’s material nature can still live and breathe without a soul. Its individuals would still have thoughts, feelings and personalities. Alas, our material nature is not what makes us human.

Inhuman entities sought to destroy humanity by mixing with it. The hybrids would not have souls. Though the seed of the entities would dilute as it spread, fewer and fewer people would be truly human. The species would become an undead race of primates. The few most like their sires would rule the many that are mere husks. The devils that begat these abominations would be worshiped as the gods.

Devils are never friends, not even with each other. Their rivalries were wars among their offspring. As the labors of men were consumed, the gluttonous hybrids developed a fiendish taste for human flesh and blood. The murderous appetites of these unnatural monsters inspired the legends of ogres, hags, ghouls and vampires. Humanity was being bred into an abomination and slaughtered into extinction.

God allowed humanity to worship devils but he would not allow the devils to destroy humanity. The false gods were imprisoned and their offspring given a “great sword” with which to exterminate each other.

Humanity worshiped the devils willingly and not because it was deceived. The lust for knowledge and power corrupted the wise and ambitious. Apathy and restless malevolence condemned the common man. The Flood brought an end to what became a hopeless age.

There were hybrids after the Flood but they were not survivors. Humans invoked devils in ritual intercourse. Fortunately, the hybridization was stayed by the divine sanction of genocide. Heroes of the like that inspired the legend of Beowulf preserved humanity by slaying these monsters.

Human imagination is beyond the knowledge and power of devils. A soul is beyond any and every unclean spirit. Whosoever loses his soul does so willingly, usually by sheer neglect. Realize your divine potential and you shall grow beyond the dust and water of your material nature. Know that what makes you human is the very breath of God itself.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Big Picture

Our universe is not “billions” of “years” old. Time, like all creations, matured. Not slowly, mind you, but rather quickly. Understand that height, width and depth are merely relations of substance and time is merely the kinetic aspect of these perspectives.

There were “cataclysms” but not as happenstance. Apocalypse is the end of an age by the use of weapons of mass-destruction. The asteroid belt and comets are pieces of a planet destroyed, the destruction of which ended the First Age. The death of Mars was the end of the Second Age. The Flood was the end of the Third Age. World War 3 shall end the Fourth Age.

Versions of our modern technology existed long ago. Travel between worlds was by means of spatial shifting, not spaceships. Hyper-dimensional physics allowed “open air” colonies on otherwise inhospitable celestial bodies.

Magic is real and is still being used as the science it really is.

The civilization on Earth inadvertently destroyed itself by killing Mars: the hyper-dimensional connection that made the scar we now call Valles Marineris pulling earth towards planet Earth like a shotgun blast. Saddest of all: Mars and the nations of Earth were really the same civilization.

The “gods” of yore are still worshiped though we call them “angels” now. They are celestial entities of immaterial substance able to plug themselves into the reproductive cycles of any material life-form. The material existence of their offspring is entirely that of their material “partner” but is “touched” thus strangely different. The giants, monsters and spooky trees of our myths and legends are memories of these things. The demons and poltergeists that haunt our world are the ghosts of these hybrid abominations.

Human ghosts do not haunt the world. The unclean spirits of the hybrids are bound to the Earth because they are the unnatural mix of spiritual with material and are still bound to their material existence though it has rotted away.

Man is the measure of all things… because God is human; the very first human being, actually. He assumed a material existence within the stream of time but he was always a man, never a woman and not a black man or brown. His eyes are green and his wavy hair (not really that long) dark blond. The universe is a figment of his imagination. Angels are a figment of his imagination. Humanity is his only creation not a figment of his imagination. He breathed into material form the essence of his very being: the soul. A true human is nothing unless he makes something of himself beyond the sum of his created parts.

A human-angel hybrid does not have a soul. It is the mix of celestial spirit with material flesh, both of which are mere figments of God’s imagination. The soul is divine essence, not a product of will. Creations can be quantified because they were fashioned. They may become degenerate but they must have some function to even exist. Every angel is excellent because they were crafted. Their hybrid offspring were the “heroes and men of renown” because of these innate qualities. Alas, the soul is the quality of the quantity “one” thus is the least and the greatest, the beginning and the end of all creation. Such a quality is indivisible but can be multiplied, thus, humans can reproduce the soul but human-angel unions cannot.

We did not “evolve” from lesser life-forms. Plants and animals spawned from the same wave of light and vibration that coursed through water and earth. We were formed separately. Adam was a clone of God brought to life by the last gasp of Jesus. “It is done” was the Father to the Son meaning the golem was ready for its soul. Yes, that blood of Jesus was the blood that gave life to Adam. If you are confused, remember that time is merely an aspect of relations between created things. God, who made time, was busy before he made time.

Adam was not the first man. Jesus is the first man. As the Creator he is the “Father” and as one living in his own creation he is the “Son.” Sired by the Holy Spirit he is the “Son of God.” Because he is the child of a daughter of man, he is the “Son of Man.” Just so you know: Mary is genetically identical to Eve. Jesus is the “seed of the woman.” From Adam came Eve but from Eve came Adam, if you follow the meaning.

We are in the latter days of the Fourth Age. World War 3 shall be the end of the age but not of the world. Let us make the most of these days that we do not live in vain.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Good, the Bad and the Expendable

We all want to be important. Most of us are nonentities proud of anything but ourselves. Our weaklings are "strong," our simpletons are "smart," our common are "unique" and our deficient are "special." The helpless are "empowered" and the ugly "beautiful" by sheer platitude. The few above assure the many below that all are equals.

Stronger, smarter, faster, tougher rules the world. The strong overpower, the smart outwit, the fast outmaneuver and the tough outlast the weak, stupid, slow and delicate.

What I am is a piece of meat doomed to die. Who I am is sincerity beyond the very word "sincerity" or any other sound or scribble we pretend has meaning. I am freedom and justice. I am friendship. Thoughts are fallible and feelings whimsical. I am absolute.

The significant and insignificant alike do live. They both have thoughts and feelings. People love them. They are different only in that one makes a difference.

Evil is at war with everything and good is at war with evil. Heroes live heroically. Villains live in villainy. The common are the foot soldiers.

Heroes die heroically. Villains die in irony. The cannon-fodder is slaughtered in droves.

Everyone wants to be important... but are you? Are you "strong" because you want to be... or because you are actually strong? Are you "smart" because you think you are... or because you are actually smart? Are you "unique" like everybody else? Are you "special" because you have problems?

Are you the hero, the villain or the cannon-fodder? The truth shall tell.