Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Really Fantastic

There is a difference between fantasy and reality… yet they are not so different. In truth, reality is a fantasy with people as it characters.

God is a human being; the first human being, actually. Our universe is a fairyland he imagined. He spoke it into being as a story and the telling is time itself. The angels are fictional characters endowed with the choice of being either good guys or baddies. Humanity is the role-players gathered around the table in a story that was meant to be interactive from the beginning. The ending was decided by our participation all along.

There are heroes, sidekicks, masterminds, henchmen and monsters in fantasy and reality alike. The fair damsel and the helpless bystander need saving in fantasy and reality alike. Good must ultimately triumph over evil or all is in vain—in fantasy and reality alike.

Disease, disability, cataclysm and weapons of mass-destruction are dysfunctional realities of the divine fantasy. The language barrier is a falsehood in that it supplanted meaning with nonsense. Alas, the divine story can be uninspiring. Honestly, it is boring more often than not.

I am the spirit of Friendship. I am Freedom, Justice and the Absolute. The words did not create me. They were uttered in recognition of me but never did they, do they or shall they define me.

God is the Truth, the Way and the Life. He is Love. From the beginning he wanted a family. He did not create humanity: he fathered humanity by pouring himself into earthen vessels.

I am Freedom, Justice and the Absolute with or without a soul. I am who I am with or without my humanity. I became a living soul that my sincerity may be human.

The human yoke is not mine to bear… yet I bear it. I assumed the mantle, not for my own sake but for he who sought me. God believes in me. He asks only that I be myself.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Liberation at the Feet of Men

Feminism is an endless exertion because it never takes root. It cannot grow because it is lifeless. It is unnatural and spiritless. Its effect is only ever the effort of the moment.

The ideals of feminism are not its agenda. It is a sophistry playing on vanity. Its women are bimbos debauched by whispers of sweet nothings. The masterminds are inhuman entities out for blood.

Woman is ruled by Man. Her “power” is His grace or tolerance and nothing more. The fate of Woman shall always be the will of Man. There is only “feminism” because it suits manly agendas.

Justice is unfair. It is the reaping of sowing, not giving. It is quality, not equality. It is individual, not social. Freedom and Justice are personal and one and the same. I see him in the mirror every day.

May there never be fairness. May there never be equality. May we sow of our own accord and reap accordingly.

The struggle of good against evil may be fought in law and politics but only because the entire universe is the battleground. The heroes and masterminds are few but the fight is their fight. Everyone else is either a bystander or cannon-fodder.

I am against “feminism” because I know its voice is that of a lovely man pretending to be a woman. I know his real agenda. He is “brazen” in name and deeds. Discern his name and you shall know his deeds. By his deeds you shall know his agenda.

Feminists are mindless. They are moved by feelings and directed by whispers. They are told what to think and blurt these “thoughts” as slogans. You shall never hear an original thought in their impassioned tantrums. You shall always find these “feminists” groveling at the feet of men.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pure of Heart

Thoughts and feelings are never evil, no matter their severity. Only intentions can be evil. You may imagine killing your boss when he annoys you—but unless you would actually kill him, all is well. If your only hesitation is fear of the law, however, you are a murderer.

If you are a man and you find men sexually attractive, you are homosexual—and all is well. If you mean to sleep with men as men are meant to sleep with women, however, you are a pervert.

If you find children sexually attractive you are a pedophile and all is well. If you mean to indulge, however, you are a child molester whether you touch a child or not.

Cause and effect is physics, not morality. Sex and violence as physics are as pure as any other dynamic of cause and effect. It is the spiritual, not the physical that distinguishes good and evil.

Inhuman entities tell you that you are a coincidence and a primate. They assure you that your desires are natural and you should indulge. They temper their claims with sophistries of righteousness. You believe them because they tell you what you want to hear.

You see what you want because they offer it. Is the fisherman generous for offering the worm? He means to disembowel and devour the fool who takes the bait.

I am a man who naturally finds women sexually attractive. I am not out to sleep with them, however. I notice them without leering or making snide comments or obscene gestures. I avoid their personal space. They are people to me and people are everything precious to me.

I have found men and boys sexually attractive. Little girls are always sexy to me. I would rather cut my own guts out than indulge. What I want is beyond my base desires. My harmless fantasies not only suffice, they are sublimated into art and fiction.

Humanity is the beginning and the end of all things. The universe and everything within it is of our making. Good and evil are whether we are friendly or unfriendly. Be a friend in all that you do and all is well. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Be Good Against Evil

Humanity is the only thing that makes anything and everything worthwhile. Humanity is not its history, cultures, civilizations and technology. It is individuals and their personal gumption.

You are unworthy of your humanity if you prove insignificant. Nonentities are unimportant. If you are your culture then there is no you to speak of in any language. If you are the product of your environment then you are a byproduct. History is before you and civilization and its technology are around you—they are not you.

The forces of evil are devils and the viruses they sired. They are extraterrestrial and their terrestrial abominations. Humans who fall short of their humanity are less than these inhuman entities and become their underlings. Humans who realize their humanity rise to the occasion and best the worst.

Good is against evil, always. Freedom is unreasonable. Justice is uncompromising. Sincerity is insensitive.

Evil is lazy more often than not. Apathy is the usual mood of the wicked. Lust, fear and pain are their only motivations. Vanity is their only standard and futility their only aspiration.

The struggle of good against evil is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. It is a fight to the death eternal.

Evil cannot win. The triumph of evil would be the doom of the wicked and righteous alike. Evil is death and darkness and nothing more—for it is nothing indeed.

The death of the wicked is the end of their wickedness. Troublemakers are removed from the equation. Their lives were a problem and their death solves the problem. Such lives may be “martyred” in the eyes of those without eyes to see. The wicked are vermin who feed on the living and dead alike.

Nothing defeats evil like a thriving good. Live and create and you put the forces of death and destruction to shame. Make something of yourself and you shall vanquish the many who are nothing.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Connotations are everything. Situations are meaningless otherwise.

People die whether killed or not. They have sex whether it is rape or love. The spiritual context is the only true distinction between good and evil.

What is dark but the absence of light? What is death but the cessation of life? What is evil but a lack of good? All things are indeed clean of themselves. Pure evil would indeed be pure for it would be simply nothing.

Death and destruction of themselves are neither good nor evil. There is no right or wrong, only cause and effect. A good result justifies its cause whereas an evil result proves otherwise.

Humanity is soon to be an endangered species. A moment of peace shall be the calm before a storm. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons shall poison the world. Famine shall claim the most victims. World War 3 shall prove an inglorious travesty.

The wicked, for all their cunning, are hopelessly stupid. They think to steal the Tree of Life by cutting it down. Never again would it bear its fruit.

God in his wisdom shall deny the wicked eternal life. That they may have only themselves to blame he gave them a great sword with which to kill themselves. Mindless brutes relish the power of mass-destruction. They were weakened, not strengthened by such power for every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Their means to destroy shall be the means of their destruction.

They say the development of nuclear weapons was inevitable. I assure you: such weapons were no more “inevitable” than teleportation or time travel. Such weapons were meant to be developed.

World War 3 shall be the end of the world as it is but not the end of the world. It shall be the death of most of us but not of the best of us. The world shall be cleansed by fire.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Ultimate Miracle

An unknown and nameless man was declared dead and wished dead but rose to victory.

Is the Holocaust worse than abortion? Does hiding the bodies, one way or another, wash bloody hands clean? What sophistry is ever the truth?

Salvation as a theology means nothing. The Blood of Christ as a metaphor is ambiguous nonsense. The Blood is real and it is payment for murder.

Did Hitler hate the Jews more than the Jews hate Jesus? Was Hitler worse to the Jews than they were to Jesus?

Hitler was almost right… but almost is never the truth. He did rid Germany of trash but he also slaughtered treasures. He robbed, enslaved and murdered people.

If God would never save Hitler then who would he ever save? It is the sick, the wounded and especially the dying who need treatment. Why would he shed his blood under the lash and upon the cross to wash what was already clean?

Jesus is the humanity as a person from whom all of humanity is derived. He created our flesh but the soul he sired by his very essence. Our thoughts and feelings are flow and balance within a system of constructs whereas our personal gumption is entirely from within.

Hitler’s thoughts and feelings were shaped by the swirling chaos of this dysfunctional reality. His gumption stirred him to make sense of the nonsense. Alas, he was lost in the maelstrom. Bumped and bruised and knocked down he grew angry and lashed out.

Our thoughts and feelings are not our humanity. The soul of Hitler rose to the occasion and held nothing back. God asks nothing more than everything.

Few men bother. No man is righteous for his apathy. Good is never a lack of evil. For all his murders and mayhem Adolf Hitler did strive to make things better.

To murder one or millions by act or omission is all the same evil. The crimes of Hitler are no worse in the eyes of God than when David murdered the Hittite.

Adolf Hitler did not die in his bunker in AD 1945. He escaped to Argentina by the grace of God. Jesus holds the keys to hell and death—and he does not share them. Adolf would live until he was redeemed. His death would be the end of his mortality and all its failings.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Alpha and Omega

We did not “evolve” from sludge and monkeys. The claim that we did is actually a racist joke at our expense. Mind you, plants and animals did evolve but as they were fashioned by a stream of energy and information coursing through material and shaped by vibration. Yes, the world was created in six days.

Where did God come from? He is the Beginning and the End, as he already told you. He is the one as the very quality of the quantity from which all quantities are derived. That which is devoid of this quality simply does not exist, as in it is nothing.

Confused? In your confusion I am spouting nonsense? Are your “insights" what you were told to think by nonentities told what to think?

The Beginning and the End are one and the same, nothing before and nothing after and everything in between. To come to the End is to come to the Beginning, the complete circuit that is eternity.

Perhaps you need me to cite the claims and “studies” of people neither of us know personally. Maybe we know some of these people and they are accredited by “authorities” who claim you are a coincidence. Perhaps you see their “box of everything” and are amazed by what is supposedly within. They do shake that box that you may hear their evidence with your own ears.

There is no “multiverse” blah, blah, blah. That “closed system” is called reality and anything outside it is… nothing.

Man is the measure of all things because God is the first man and created all things. Your soul is the divine spark from which all that is real came into being. Your humanity is not a piece of meat and its feeble thoughts and faulty memories. It is your divine potential. Alas, it is unlikely that your spark shall light an eternal flame. Your fate, should you accept it, is to live and die an insignificant primate.

The soul is personal and individual. All that is born of it comes from within and only from within. The struggle of good against evil is to stir the good and agitate the evil. The quality of good must be found in the Beginning if it is to endure to the End. The struggle is a demonstration and nothing more. It is the “proof in the pudding” if you will.