Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scream Queens and Nameless Baddies

Heroes, masterminds, elite henchmen/henchwomen and sidekicks are the players in adventure fiction. The damsels in distress endure among them but have since become marginalized. There are also the ubiquitous foot soldiers of villainy.

A conscientious effort has been made to replace the damsel in distress with the heroine. It is assumed that any female protagonist incapable of thrashing baddies in her own right is a misogynistic stereotype. Men who want to be spanked endorse this effort but for their own reasons.

The Scream Queen is the damsel in distress in horror movies. She is beautiful and virtuous and in peril. For all her helplessness and screaming we are hopeful that she shall survive. That said: we do enjoy all the cringing and screaming.

The foot soldiers of villainy are hopelessly outmatched nonentities. Pathetic by design they are disinteresting by default. They are unworthy of notice unless there is something about them worth noticing. Mind you, it is simpleminded to divorce them from their niche.

The foot soldiers of villainy are not unlike the teenagers in horror movies. They are hopelessly witless and easily caught unawares for our grim amusement. They scream, grunt and groan and we are thrilled by the violence.

Sexy girls are the favorite teenagers in horror movies. For the foot soldiers of villainy to be comely females is just as appealing. No, nameless baddies need not be sexy girls to garner attention… but why not? The Amazons of Classical Mythology lost every battle and were slaughtered in droves. They were baddies, lest we forget.

The damsels in distress and foot soldiers of villainy are the hardest characters in adventure fiction to get right. Heroines are heroes. Turning a damsel in distress into a heroine is to bastardize both archetypes. The foot soldiers of villainy should never prove formidable against heroes. To be heroic in the classical sense is to be a warrior beyond mortal prowess.

A damsel need not fawn over a hero to love him. She need not be a warrior to have more than youth and beauty to offer. She can be a character without being a caricature.

The foot soldiers of villainy are what they are but can be so much more without even changing. They can have a name and remain anonymous. They can have a sleek or sexy look without being elite. They can be slaughtered in droves and still taken seriously. So long as they are a character in their own right they can be loved even as nonentities.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Really Fiction

Fiction, unlike reality, is whatever we want it to be. Ironically, much of our supposed reality is embellished and twisted to the point of being fiction. Alas, history and politics must become legend and propaganda to be interesting.

I do not and shall not bastardize history. I do not and shall not spout propaganda. I write fiction. My stories are the thrills of legend as they truly are. The meanings are the truth propaganda purports to tell. My fiction is all the fun without the pretense.

Reality is what it is regardless. Fiction is only ever what we regard. Good and evil. Sex and violence. Drama. Reality need not be fun but fiction must be.

Our legends, propaganda and fiction are the unreality we live in. Should we lose ourselves in them we become delusional. Should we find ourselves in them we are enlightened. For better or worse our reality is decided by our fantasies. Fiction may prove real after all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Sexy is a good thing. Seriously: how is anything better for not being sexy? Until disinteresting is a virtue, sexiness shall be good.

Prudish is boring. Vulgar is disgusting. Being bored or disgusted does nothing for me. I want sexy.

Looks are not the only thing sexy. A voice can be as alluring as a form. A nuance can be as suggestive as a tease. Context can make even unassuming sexy.

Lest we forget, sex and violence are the thrills of our art and fiction. When has tame ever thrilled us? Sex and violence intensify each other exponentially. Their communion is the perfect storm.

Sexy is sexy does whether consummated or not. It is the arousal, not the act that is the sensuality. To savor the yearning is to be thrilled whereas to be spent is to be exhausted.

Sexy is a good thing. It is interesting. It is thrilling. It is beautiful whether lovely or hideous. It is aspect at its best.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Game of Souls

Few lives are precious. Many lives are worthless. You choose your value, not by pride but by action.

An evil man on a mission is better than the many who do nothing. A good man busy doing good is best of all. Take heed: neither sinister nor good are ever idle. Only the sheep are content to graze.

The mindless are too simple to give thought to their deeds. They delight in petty things and wanton mischief. Masterminds tell them what to think and how to feel and the mindless obey, believing the thoughts and feelings to be their own.

The good are never mindless. They hear and see but are too thoughtful for their thoughts and feelings to be other than their own. They do good because they care to do so, never in lust, fear or obedience.

The struggle of good against evil is the few who care for the sake of caring against the many who do not and their sinister masters. The struggle is neither political nor philosophical. It is not decided by authority nor consensus. Souls are the warriors, the battleground and the prize. Choosing who you are, personally and individually, is the struggle. All else follows.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cheap Labor of Villainy

The anonymous baddies of fiction are meant to amuse us by being the easy victims of heroic violence. Whether as slapstick clowns or the small fries of something gritty their role is what it is regardless.

Men are the usual foot soldiers of villainy. Monsters and robots are also popular. Female goons, human or otherwise, are a rarity indeed. Alas, whether human, monster or robot, male or female, these expendable characters provide a common villainy to be put to shame.

In reality the sinister are too few to commit the atrocities of the world. They need vast numbers of cheap labor to do their dirty work. It is the common folk, male and female, anonymous and petty, who get their hands dirty.

Fiction's foot soldiers of villainy are reality's many following their crowd to do evil. They are nameless because they are insignificant. Their fate is unceremonious because their doom is inconsequential. They are a whole lot of nothing... which is why we are amused.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Rape, murder and war: the horrors of the human condition. Our reality would be better off without them. Alas, the horrors of reality are the thrills of fantasy.

Baddies killing innocents and heroes killing baddies are staples of fiction. Why not? Murderers are the ultimate villains. Avengers are the ultimate heroes. After all, baddies who never rape or kill are not so bad and heroes who never avenge are not so heroic.

Sex and violence: primal and intense. Nothing tame shall ever be as thrilling.

The genres adventure and horror are, have always been and shall always be the most popular fiction. Why? They are usually sexy and violent. The genres romance and comedy have their place but never on top unless they are themes within adventure and or horror.

Rape, murder and war: the thrills of the human imagination. Our fantasies would be insipid without them.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weak or Strong but Always Sexy

Women as warriors: not so long ago the mainstream was uncomfortable with the idea-- despite the everlasting popularity of the Amazons and the historical reality of Joan of Arc and Lyudmila Pavlichenko. The damsel in distress was much preferred.

Times changed and the once favored damsel in distress has since fallen out of favor. She is now loathed, actually. The heroine is now the acceptable female protagonist. Alas, the mainstream is so fickle.

Women as villains: not so long ago the mainstream adamantly preferred the seductress. She was seldom the boss and had a tendency to fall in love with the hero. Her story may be tragic so that she was not entirely to blame for her evil.

Times changed and the seductress fell out of favor. The assertive dominatrix replaced her-- when the mainstream embraced the pleasures of being spanked.

Women are sexy. Whether protagonist or antagonist, weak or strong, female characters have always been the sensuality of fiction. They always will be for otherwise would be unnatural. Enjoy.