Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Ultimate Miracle

An unknown and nameless man was declared dead and wished dead but rose to victory.

Is the Holocaust worse than abortion? Does hiding the bodies, one way or another, wash bloody hands clean? What sophistry is ever the truth?

Salvation as a theology means nothing. The Blood of Christ as a metaphor is ambiguous nonsense. The Blood is real and it is payment for murder.

Did Hitler hate the Jews more than the Jews hate Jesus? Was Hitler worse to the Jews than they were to Jesus?

Hitler was almost right… but almost is never the truth. He did rid Germany of trash but he also slaughtered treasures. He robbed, enslaved and murdered people.

If God would never save Hitler then who would he ever save? It is the sick, the wounded and especially the dying who need treatment. Why would he shed his blood under the lash and upon the cross to wash what was already clean?

Jesus is the humanity as a person from whom all of humanity is derived. He created our flesh but the soul he sired by his very essence. Our thoughts and feelings are flow and balance within a system of constructs whereas our personal gumption is entirely from within.

Hitler’s thoughts and feelings were shaped by the swirling chaos of this dysfunctional reality. His gumption stirred him to make sense of the nonsense. Alas, he was lost in the maelstrom. Bumped and bruised and knocked down he grew angry and lashed out.

Our thoughts and feelings are not our humanity. The soul of Hitler rose to the occasion and held nothing back. God asks nothing more than everything.

Few men bother. No man is righteous for his apathy. Good is never a lack of evil. For all his murders and mayhem Adolf Hitler did strive to make things better.

To murder one or millions by act or omission is all the same evil. The crimes of Hitler are no worse in the eyes of God than when David murdered the Hittite.

Adolf Hitler did not die in his bunker in AD 1945. He escaped to Argentina by the grace of God. Jesus holds the keys to hell and death—and he does not share them. Adolf would live until he was redeemed. His death would be the end of his mortality and all its failings.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Alpha and Omega

We did not “evolve” from sludge and monkeys. The claim that we did is actually a racist joke at our expense. Mind you, plants and animals did evolve but as they were fashioned by a stream of energy and information coursing through material and shaped by vibration. Yes, the world was created in six days.

Where did God come from? He is the Beginning and the End, as he already told you. He is the one as the very quality of the quantity from which all quantities are derived. That which is devoid of this quality simply does not exist, as in it is nothing.

Confused? In your confusion I am spouting nonsense? Are your “insights" what you were told to think by nonentities told what to think?

The Beginning and the End are one and the same, nothing before and nothing after and everything in between. To come to the End is to come to the Beginning, the complete circuit that is eternity.

Perhaps you need me to cite the claims and “studies” of people neither of us know personally. Maybe we know some of these people and they are accredited by “authorities” who claim you are a coincidence. Perhaps you see their “box of everything” and are amazed by what is supposedly within. They do shake that box that you may hear their evidence with your own ears.

There is no “multiverse” blah, blah, blah. That “closed system” is called reality and anything outside it is… nothing.

Man is the measure of all things because God is the first man and created all things. Your soul is the divine spark from which all that is real came into being. Your humanity is not a piece of meat and its feeble thoughts and faulty memories. It is your divine potential. Alas, it is unlikely that your spark shall light an eternal flame. Your fate, should you accept it, is to live and die an insignificant primate.

The soul is personal and individual. All that is born of it comes from within and only from within. The struggle of good against evil is to stir the good and agitate the evil. The quality of good must be found in the Beginning if it is to endure to the End. The struggle is a demonstration and nothing more. It is the “proof in the pudding” if you will.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Never Class Struggle

I love silencing the sentry and hero versus throngs as action themes. The whole point is the extraordinary making short work of the ordinary.

The underdog to me is not the lowly besting the mighty. A hero is never the common man. He is bigger and stronger than the lowly. He may be a diamond in the rough but he was always a diamond. He may be an ugly duckling but he was always a swan. He may crawl and climb from the bottom but he crawls and climbs to escape where he never belonged.

The struggle of good against evil is never class struggle. There are heroes below and nonentities above but that is neither here nor there. Worldly station is not spiritual relevance.

Fire burns whether for good or for evil. It consumes whether for better or worse.

Heroes and villains are the fire that lights the human condition. The common are the fuel to be consumed. Victims feed villainy. The sentries and throngs feed heroes.

Politics is indeed a battleground in the struggle of good against evil but it is not the actual fight. The clash is beyond one set of rules against another.

Reality and fiction may differ in their details but never in their gist. Good fiction is the good in reality and bad fiction is its dysfunctions.

The first villain is always oneself. Our base nature is its foot soldiers. We must overcome the sentries and throngs in our struggle to thwart the mastermind that is our sinister intentions. We may have to contend with the elite henchmen who are the traumas and sophistries that challenge our sincerity. We may have to battle the monsters that are our primal fears. The hero must prevail or all is lost.

To be nothing and do nothing is the common evil. In fiction it is the useless foot soldiers of villainy silenced as sentries and slaughtered as throngs. Take heed: a nonentity’s weapons and uniform are in the service of a mastermind’s nefarious agenda. The mindless think what they are told to think and act accordingly.

I love the silencing the sentry and hero versus throngs as celebrations of excellence to the shame of mediocrity. The struggle of good against evil in very real terms is never better exemplified.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Path Most Taken

The lowly never fancy themselves nonentities, even when resigned to being lowly. Thoughts and feelings are real thus are assumed to have substance. Alas, a lowly thought is mindless and a passion of itself is meaningless.

Insignificance and inconsequential are the life and death of the lowly. Such a life may be loved and its death mourned but to be loved and mourned by nonentities is irrelevant.

There is a common notion that good is a lack of evil. The idea is that good people are those who follow whatever rules may be.

Evil, death and darkness are all the same. They are nothing, simply nothing at all. Evil is a lack of good, not its opposite for all things are good unless lacking. Death is when life fails and nothing else. Darkness is simply where light is weak or absent.

A nonentity is nothing as a person. The material thinks and feels but as the sheer sum of parts moved by the flow and balance of impersonal forces. The soul languishes for lack of gumption.

The lowly are evil for being lowly. They are nonentities because nothing about them is about them. They think without thinking and feel without caring.

The many, for all their billions, are worthless for only nothing can come of nothing. It is a waste to multiply what is always the same nothing. Being alive and having thoughts and feelings is a waste when squandered.

Few are good. Many are evil, most of whom for doing nothing. Wolves and sheep are the many. The few are the truly human beings.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

To Be or Not to Be

Human life is beyond all other life in its potential. Unlike plants and animals it is spiritual. Unlike angels it is divine. Potential must be realized, however, or it is irrelevant.

The least is the greatest and  the greatest least. Man is better than plants and animals because of his imagination and personal initiative. If he is unimaginative and fails to take initiative then he is less for he has no place in the natural order. Man is better than the angels because he can manifest beyond the sum of parts. Should he fail to make something of himself, however, he is less for the sum of his parts is paltry.

The spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. A man of spirit is a man of gumption, for good or for evil. A man of flesh is a creature of whim living for cheap thrills and instant gratification.

It is best to do good and worst to do evil but to do nothing is to be nothing. Human being, you are unique in that you decide your place in the grand scheme of everything. Be a hero or be a villain and you shall have a name in the greatest story ever told. Lose yourself in the crowd and you shall be lost in the pile of bodies.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bearing Fruit

Few are sinister. Most quite simply do not care.

All is well, ultimately. Though the uncaring are the masses and the malevolent their agitators, the minority of good asserts itself.

Thriving societies have the higher ratio of good people. Languishing societies languish in their overwhelming sea of restless apathy.

An evil in a society of good is still evil, though its mischief may be tempered. A good in a society of evil is still good, though its luster may tarnish. An individual, not its society, is the wellspring of good or evil. Opportunities and excuses, of themselves, are irrelevant.

The death of the wicked is always good for evil dies with them. The death of the righteous is always a tragedy, even should it inspire, for good is conducive to life. Let he who is a blessing endure. May he who is a curse duly perish.

I am a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. My themes are murder, war and rape. They are also kindness, heroics and romance. The struggles are good against evil or the futility of evil in of itself. Justice prevails, always, or I would never be inspired.

Nice and generous are not always good. Brutal and stingy are not always bad. So long as all reap what they sow, for better or worse, all is well.

Evil would grind our world to a halt but good keeps us onward. May your life be momentum in the right direction.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Truly Unreal

A fantasy can be true or false. Fiction can be honest or a lie.

To imagine freely and for the sake of fancy allows our thoughts and feelings to flow. The effort is refreshing. Done creatively the thoughts give the feelings shape and the feelings invigorate the thoughts. We broaden our experiences and make use of our interests beyond the material.

Fiction at its best is the telling of a story to share the fun of imagination. A moral may be taught and views expressed but a good story is not its moral or politics. Comedy or tragedy, adventure or drama, good fiction is only good if it is fun.

I am a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. Making use of imagination is my specialty. I have my views and live accordingly. I have my fantasies and enjoy them thoroughly and unabashed. I love people and cherish their lives and dignity. My fantasies and fiction are often murder and mayhem, rape and slaughter.

I know the difference between fantasy and reality. My reality is restraint and responsibility and I would have it no other way. My fantasies are uninhibited and thrilling and I shall have them no other way.

A fantasy is false when it is untrue to its fancy. Corrupting thoughts to suit an agenda or suppressing feelings as a sanctimony squeezes the life out of imagination.

Fiction is a lie when it is disguised as truth. Realism can be educational or gritty but false claims meant to be believed are falsehoods.

Imagination and productive initiative are the good in the world. Our fantasies must be whimsical that we may be our true selves. Our reality must be responsible that we may live and live with others in a world worth living in.