Saturday, December 16, 2017

Feminism is Fake

Women are sexy. They are our mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters and nieces. Men would not tolerate these moody weaklings otherwise.

There is no feminism. There never was. Women are fearful and needy. Men dominate other men in the name of women and make the women feel safe. They offer what is needed by taking it from others. They tell the women what to think by flattery.

There are strong women and weak men but Man is stronger than Woman. His empowerment is by force. Hers is granted or denied.

The “battle of the sexes” is a game we play. It is an exercise that keeps our species fit. Of course there are injuries, as there are in every sport. Likewise, there is cheating.

Women should not be in combat. Men should not be in combat... but only because people should not fight and kill each other. Men are stronger, faster, tougher and more aggressive so they are better suited for such a thing.

The strongest bodies are not the strongest men. The men who rule the world are not muscular young men but rather bold and wily old men. Women are not inferior because they are physically weaker: the mighty are physically weak. Women are weaker in mind and spirit.

The place of woman is at the side of man, not as his equal but as his helper. He is to do what is right. She is to encourage him to do so. He is to act. She is to support his action. We are a social creature. Man and Woman are the Right and Left of our species. As a species, we are right-handed.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

True to Fiction

Daydreams are casual fantasies inspired by the simplest things. Fiction is when the imagination is shared as stories.

I am a storyteller. Of course I daydream. I turn the fantasies into stories. I understand what I imagine but I must explain it if it is to make sense to other people.

I am mortal and only human. Women are sexy to me. Danger scares me. I have all these things in common with other people. I have themes they can relate to.

The triumph of evil may delight but only the triumph of good can satisfy. Even the evildoers languish when evil wins. Everyone fancies oneself the “good guy” accordingly. Even those proud of evil for being evil rationalize that evil is somehow good.

In all my stories humanity and its mortality provide context. Women are sexy and danger is scary. The struggle of good against evil decides the fate of everyone and everything.

I am a good storyteller. I use archetypes, tropes and other conventions but as the language people understand. I believe what I tell but shall not tell it unless I can make the telling interesting.

I tell whatever story I want using whatever I want to tell it. There is nothing “bad” of itself that I should not consider. Art is not distinguished from vulgarity by its themes but rather by its craftsmanship.

Silly or serious, comedic or dramatic, violent or gentle, hopeful or tragic are not qualities for better or worse as objective standards. The story must be interesting and enjoyable if it is to be good fiction. It must be like daydreams: casual fantasies inspired by the simplest things.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Sexy Nonsense

“An alarm is sounded. Throngs of armed women in tight or skimpy uniforms pour into view only to be slaughtered in droves. Their bodies carpet the floor in various poses of lifeless indignity. Eyes are rolled back, tongues are hanging out and the fingers of the limp or twitching hands are curled.”

Sex and violence are indeed intrinsically linked. Both are physical and passionate. Both are thrilling.

Why is the alarm sounded? The hero has already entertained us by easily silencing sentries. We relished the feeble struggling of his victims. We were delighted by the wincing, grunts and groans. We were amused by the snapping of necks. The foreplay was fun but it got us excited.

Why throngs of women in tight or skimpy uniforms? Insignificant people enjoy numerical superiority. Women are sexy to everyone. Tight or skimpy uniforms accentuate those feminine curves.

Why the slaughter? Why carpet the floor with corpses? Why are eyes rolled back, tongues poking out and fingers curled? Imaginary violence is already silly because it is imaginary. Such silliness is slapstick unless taken seriously. A theme of lethality is serious by default. As for the sprawl of bodies: excellence is celebrated and mediocrity shamed in summary.

Our fiction is like our dreams and daydreams: it is our imagination turning thoughts and feelings into fantasies. Even the nonsense makes sense. Think about it… always.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Interesting People

People are the only thing that interests me.

Clothes are interesting on people. They tell me much about who wears them.

Weapons are interesting in the hands of people. A sword or gun is a material extension of an individual. If a particular weapon is chosen, the personality of the wielder is reflected.

Our humanity is not our dust and water but rather the soul that animates the dust and water. We are more or less than the sum of our material existence.

I am a storyteller. I write fiction. I imagine scenarios and give them personalities. The situations are what give the characters things to do but no one cares unless they care about the personalities involved.

Characters are figments imagined as people. Their archetypes classify their use. Personalities are what make them endearing.

The hero is courageous and excellent. The mastermind is sinister and intelligent. Of course these archetypes can be spoofed. The cowardly or inept “hero” and the silly or witless “mastermind” are quite common. The parodies are meaningless without their meaningful inspirations, however.

My creative specialty is the useless foot soldier of villainy archetype. This typically anonymous and individually insignificant character serves a profound purpose. It represents ordinary people as the actively hostile and ultimately expendable pawns of evil.

Everyone has a name and face but most of us are nameless and faceless in the grand scheme of things. We are this group or that. The group is our identity and its culture is our personality.

The expendable characters in our fiction are the most like most people in reality. They are plentiful, insignificant and their deaths are inconsequential.

People are the only thing I find interesting. I am inspired by the courage and excellence of heroes. I am amazed by the evil and genius of masterminds. I am contemptuous of the mediocrity of the common folk but amused and morally satisfied by their inglorious demise.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Satanic Consensus

Rape, murder and war are the violence of the world but not its problems.

People hate themselves and each other. They blame themselves and each other. They are proud of nothing as if it is everything. They are ashamed of everything as if it is nothing.

Good and evil are personal and individual. The wars of tribes and nations are neither.

Primates live as the animals they are. Their kindness and cruelty alike are predetermined by instinct and conditioning.

A natural man is a primate. He is governed by fear, hunger, thirst and lust. Because his species is naturally social he has an innate need for approval. He lives and dies in vain, as all animals do.

There are things inhuman we call “gods” or “angels” or “aliens” or whatever else. They are what they are regardless. They are information as form and function made sentient. They understand the form and function of material existence and how to manipulate it by its numbers.

“Atheism” is a means to the satanic end. Lucifer means to be a jealous god. He would not that there be other gods before him. He means to create a void so as to fill it.

“The Devil made me do it” is a lame excuse. People do what they want then blame someone else.

Satan is the democratically elected god of this world and is re-elected every generation. I am not joking. The very idea of “majority rule” is satanic and was from the beginning. It is the Devil manipulating the material by its numbers.

Most people are the worst people. They are the ordinary and nothing else. They squander their infinite potential on easy and instant gratification. They resign themselves to the whimsy of their material nature.

Satan controls the primates by stimulating them. He tells them what to think and they think it because they are mindless otherwise. He tells them how to feel and they feel it because their emotions are simply sensations. Making the primates actually do something takes effort, however. The creatures are lazy because of their nature of dust and water. The dust must be stirred by the ether of devils and the water made hot by their fire.

Good people stir their own dust by taking initiative. They heat their own water by caring. Unlike the primates, who want everything granted, the true humans love to imagine, create and provide.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Wonderful Stormtroopers of Star Wars

The stormtrooper of Star Wars is one of its most popular characters. This is amazing when you consider that he/she is a nameless and faceless nonentity antagonist readily and easily slaughtered in droves.

The Imperial/First Order stormtrooper is a collective. It is one character as many. As an individual it has a name, face and quirks.

The stormtrooper is dressed like a robot. Its individuals are named as if robots. The character would not enjoy its everlasting popularity if actually robots. His/her humanity makes all the difference. The dehumanizing of this humanity is a nuance that summarizes the villainy the stormtrooper serves.

The Imperial/First Order stormtrooper is skillful and efficient. He/she is well-trained, well-equipped and well-organized. He/she is selfless, loyal and obedient.

The stormtroopers are common folk made as formidable as common can be. They are the ordinary at its finest. Alas, the extraordinary puts the ordinary to shame regardless. This is why Imperial/First Order stormtroopers are hopelessly outmatched by heroes.

As a writer of adventure fiction I assure you: making heroes and bosses “interesting” is easy. A character is “amazing” simply by making it stronger, faster, tougher or stranger than what is common. Making a character ordinary yet interesting is the acme of skill.

The least is the greatest and the greatest least, indeed. The stormtrooper of Star Wars is one of the greatest figments ever imagined. It is beyond the Jedi and the Sith or even the Death Star itself.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Secret Within Genesis

            In the beginning the heavens were four times brighter than they are now. Luna was not yet the moon of the planet Earth. The Earth was smaller though its land was no less than it is now. Mars was much like Earth in every way but as the moon of the planet Tiamat. Earth was the third planet from the sun and Tiamat the fourth. Mars was closer or further from the Earth according to its own rotation around Tiamat. Mars became a planet when its planet became the asteroids and comets but this was not until the end of the First Age. Alas, the First was to be last as the Beginning is the End but it was not to be. As things were in the beginning, the land of Tiamat was as much in area as that of Earth or Mars but as continents and islands upon a surface that was three quarters water.

            God fashioned the angels from the very stars. They are the immortal creatures made of ether and fire. God fashioned the creatures of dust and water within the water upon the Earth.

            The three worlds were linked under arches of light that spanned from one end of the horizon to another. The creatures of dust and water swam, crawled or flew from one world to another as easily as they moved upon any one world.

            God created humanity in his own image and in his own likeness as male and female. He gave humanity dominion over all life of dust and water. Unlike the angels, whom God fashioned by hand every one, the man and woman would multiply their own number. Unlike the angels who were excellent by design, the man and woman would be potential to do with as they will. Their numbers and their excellence would be of their own making.

            Angels used the flow made by the mass and motions of the celestial bodies to travel the heavens. They stepped into the balance that was the material plane easily and effortlessly—but all this became difficult as the flow and balance were disrupted. The harmony was the means and disharmony became the difficulty. The trouble began with the end of the First Age and worsened with each apocalypse.