Tuesday, June 30, 2015


What if the asteroid belt really is the fragments of an exploded planet? The notion is flippantly dismissed because it cannot be deduced how such a phenomenon could occur naturally. What if the event was a deliberate action? Why not? Is not our own world threatened by weapons of mass-destruction? We know there are ways to annihilate beyond all reason.

The fossils of extinct apes are no more proof of human evolution than the bones of gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans are human remains. Unusual human fossils are no more unusual than the skeletons of pigmies and professional basketball players. I was born with six toes on one foot… and not because we are “evolving” more digits. Actually, we are losing parts, not evolving new ones. A theory of human devolution is more in sync with the actual evidence. Yes, we have our growing technology but remember: humanity built its pyramids without our modern toys. We are what we are and as such we make our own trappings.

One is the quality of existence. All quantities, even those fractured, deficient or of opposing polarities, cannot exist unless derived and maintained by the absolute one. Nothing is simply nothing at all. Giving nothing a name does not give it substance for if it is truly nothing then there is nothing to substantiate.

What if the Big Bang was a human voice and the universe a human creation? We imagine. We create. We give meaning to what would otherwise be meaningless. What if there is a God and he is the first of us? Man may very well be the measure of all things, indeed.

Animals can only do what comes naturally. Yes, we may teach them tricks but we do so by manipulating their innate inclinations. We may even breed them or otherwise genetically tweak them to our own ends. We may soon design new creatures entirely. We may even change ourselves, for better or worse. We are the only creature who can entertain such notions.

Good is flow and balance. Evil is when flow is stifled into stagnation or balance teeters towards chaos. Good restores itself by counteracting. Flow is restored by creating an imbalance. Balance is restored by channeling flow. Alas, all things are clean of themselves.

A war preceded us. All our wars are offshoots of this one and ongoing conflict. Most of the fighting is evil against evil: elites vying for power. Vastly outnumbered and hopelessly outgunned the good find themselves fighting alongside the wicked that the lesser evils may overcome the greater. Ultimately, however, the strongest evil shall devour all others and good alone shall remain to fight it. Numbers and firepower are decisive in the material plane of existence but they prove impotent in a clash of spirit.

Every man is one man. He is less or he is more than the sum of his parts. His nature and experiences shape what he is but who he is must be of his own making. A man who is only his nature and experiences is a nonentity. His life is insignificant and his death inconsequential. A man who strives, for good or for evil, is on a path that shall take him beyond where he finds himself. Whether heroic or villainous he shall make a difference. His death shall not be the end of his doings.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Imagining Sex and Violence

We all imagine being naughty with someone we find attractive. We vent by envisioning excessive violence. We may fancy being virile, seductive or fearless. We love stories about a hero slaughtering baddies and bedding damsels. We enjoy tales about people like us being stalked and murdered, especially if there is a “scream queen” to be had.

We want our girls comely but relentless bumping and grinding proves restless and becomes desperate. We relish the thrill of vicarious violence but even intensity is uninspiring and becomes boring if meaningless.

A woman is naturally sexy. Her form, voice, mannerisms and eccentricities arouse needless of intent. A shapely physique, a soft and mellifluous voice, graceful gestures and endearing quirks assure an erotic appeal too unassuming to exhaust its beneficiaries.

Violence is naturally thrilling. The very idea of someone willfully inflicting harm upon another is rife with spiritual implications, especially if the intent is to rape or kill. Vulgarity is neither artful nor inspiring. An implied assault or bloodless killing is a nuance of violence too understated to distract from its dramatic connotations.

To be prudish is to deny pleasure. To be libertine is to squander enthusiasm. Indulge but artfully. Sublimate every thought and feeling into a creative endeavor. Appreciate fantasies of sex and violence for what they are: imaginative intensity.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Strange Galaxy: Good Against Evil

My Strange Galaxy is unusual in that it celebrates the struggle of good against evil as a little thing that makes all the difference. An individual, not a faction, is the champion of freedom and justice. Personal friendship, not impersonal idealism, is the ray of hope that burns away the cold darkness.

In both reality and my fictional reality indifferent mediocrity is the norm but sinister intent and heroic gumption are the decisive forces. The excellent few, good or evil, are the vim and vigor of the universe. The insignificant many are nonentities whose alignments are divided among the few.

Politics and war are not the struggle of good against evil. In both reality and my fiction the struggles of factions are survival of the fittest in play. It is only natural that the wily outwit the gullible, the assertive dominate the timid, the limber outmaneuver the lumbering, the skillful outmatch the inept and the strong overpower the weak. The universe cleanses itself by fire.

Cruelty is not always evil for evil is most often thwarted by fear. Mercy is not always good for to suffer the wicked is to condemn the innocent to suffer. Freedom is no more liberty than it is slavery. Justice is no more law than it is crime. The freedom and justice of Strange Galaxy are what they actually are: Freedom is to sow of one’s own accord. Justice is to reap what one has freely sown.

For all the rape and slaughter my Strange Galaxy is spiritual and thoughtful. It is neither an escape from reality nor is it cynical. Good is stronger than evil for it is substance whereas evil is nothing more than nothing where there should be something. Strange Galaxy, for all its murder and mayhem, really is the triumph of good against evil. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thralldom Forever

Slaves are always slaves whether they have a master or not. Simply put: whosoever resigns their fate to whatever shall be ruled by whim or whomever.

An individual may rise to his own liberation but never the masses. The anonymous many may be led but never to freedom. Only individuals can be free. Slaves without masters can only be useless.

Freedom and Justice are the every imagination of the thoughts of my heart continually. I know by bearing witness that freedom is only ever one person having insights and gumption. Justice is only ever one reaping what one has personally sown.

Often the top should fall but seldom should the bottom rise. The mighty must fear or else they are tyrannical but the lowly must fear or else they are unruly. May master and slave alike forever languish for their ways are the languor of our weary world.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Mirror, Mirror

Many women fantasize about being raped and murdered. Most men find the image of a woman bound and gagged sexy. No woman wants to be raped or murdered and no good man would be happy to find a woman bound and gagged. Fantasy mirrors reality.

A reflection is the phantom of reality as its opposite. Women fantasize about being raped and murdered for the same reason they do not want to be raped and murdered: they value their lives and dignity. Men are naturally aroused by the idea of women being bound and gagged but only because women are their natural interest.

Fantasy is for pleasure. Intention is for reality.

I am a writer, artist and game designer. My specialty is adventure fiction with an emphasis on the silencing the sentry and hero versus throngs scenarios. The victims of these fantasies are usually female antagonists as expendable foot soldiers. Like the Amazons of Classical Mythology they are readily slaughtered or sexually enslaved.

My favorite fictional characters have always been the useless foot soldiers of villainy. Comely females always arouse my interest. When the two are one and the same I love them dearly... yet I imagine and enjoy their inglorious fate. I like what I see in the mirror.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Diversity Does Not Compute

Though two-plus-two always equals four "diversity" tells us otherwise. It equates without an equation and sums without a tally. It claims quality is subjective: Stupid is wisdom if viewed from the perspective of an idiot. Bad is good to those who do bad things. Excellence is unfair for pride is its own reward.

"Diversity" picks and chooses at a whim but such is the luxury of ignoring reality at your leisure. When good and evil are whatever you want them to be then truth itself becomes arbitrary... but not in reality.

Two-plus-two always equals four. Bad math does not give you more or less of anything real. Madness does not become sanity by raving. "Diversity" is a political sophistry and nothing more. The reality of "survival of the fittest" shall burn it away in a holocaust of death, rape and destruction... or sanity shall prevail.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Monsters are real. Vampires feed off of others. Werewolves tear people apart. Zombies overwhelm and devour as a mindless mob.

Villains are real. Masterminds plot and scheme. Henchmen and henchwomen follow orders to do evil. Hooligans bully and vandalize.

Heroes are real. A hero will drive a stake through a vampire's heart, shoot a werewolf with a silver bullet and fight off zombies so his friends can escape. A hero is the archenemy of the mastermind. He slaughters henchmen and henchwomen in droves. He pummels hooligans.

There are always more monsters and villains than there are heroes. The wicked vastly outnumber the good. Alas, the hero prevails.

Whosoever does not have a leg to stand on shall fall for anything. Whosoever does not have eyes to see shall see only darkness. Whosoever is deaf shall not hear. Whosoever is dead shall not feel or do anything. The wicked are missing parts or the parts are broken. Their light is dim or out. Their temperature is lukewarm or deathly cold. Heroes bury the dead so that the living shall not be sickened by the rot.

A hero does not always win. He may be slain by even the least of villainy for all flesh is weak and doomed. Alas, unlike monsters and villains a hero is a man of spirit. His life shines by a fire not fed by worldly kindling. He shall die as he has lived: doing good. The wicked are doomed to perish in every way for their way is death. The hero shall live forever in the light from whence he came.