Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For the Better

Most people are aimless, drifting wherever the currents of life take them. They are like sheep, grazing wherever they are herded. Yes, they may wander but such is the way of mindless sheep. Like all animals, they know only hunger, lust, pain and fear. They cannot distinguish what they want from what they need. They cannot discern the selfishness of love from the sincerity of compassion. Such people simply do not care. In their emptiness, they fail and perish as all flesh does. Their lives are a shameful vainglory.

Good is not measured by evil for evil is but a lack of good. The vice of one is not the virtue of another. Being greater than the mindless sheep does not make you better than them. You must care. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Sift through the trash to find what is treasure. Tend the sick and wounded but burn or bury the dead. Life itself is the war of good against evil. Fight it! Live your life as a blessing in action.

A meaningful life is one for the better of all who care. It does nothing for those who do not. Casting pearls before swine is a waste of pearls. Tossing money to the dogs is a waste of money. Feeding pigs gourmet food forsakes the more appreciative palate. Doing things for the best requires they be done for the better people. Only those who care shall care what you have done for them. Only they shall fashion a blessing from your grace and generosity. The indifferent shall despoil you. The malicious shall rend you to pieces.

Those with eyes to see shall see the light of good and be enlightened. Those with ears to hear shall hear wisdom and made the wiser. As for the aimless masses: many a friend has crawled out from under their muck. Be there for them.


  1. So many waste their talents on those who are not appreciative. These things have always been for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    1. Indeed. Too many people try to feed corpses and make them comfortable.