Sunday, January 19, 2014

Real Fiction

Good storytelling is always more than the sum of its ideas. Its relevance is never more than its take on the human condition. Our fiction is about our struggles because who we are is defined by our efforts. We fight or we fall for good or for evil. Nothing else matters.

The "villain" represents what is evil and must be defeated. Yes, he may win and his victory can be a colorful novelty. It may illicit a smirk and incite our base nature... but it is never inspiring. The wicked indulge in their pleasures but they know nothing of joy. Because of their yawning emptiness, they shall languish no matter what they accomplish. Nothing worthwhile is edified by the triumph of evil.

The "hero" represents what is good within humanity. He must prevail. Even if he is defeated, he must prevail. His victory thwarts harm and loss. It gives hope and courage to the timid. If defeated, the hero's relentless, indomitable spirit turns defeat into a catalyst of triumph.

Most people, of themselves, are neither heroes nor villains. Every human being chooses his or her own destiny. The countless multitudes who never bother have chosen to resign their fate to those who have. The mediocre masses find themselves being either a useless bystander or a useless underling. They cringe and scream as they await a hero or they grunt and groan as they are subdued. Either way, the lackluster prove useless.

"Equality" has become the notion of mediocrity as a virtue. "Fairness" is the fantasy of joyful "equality." None of this nonsense has anything to do with the spirit of justice. In reality, some things and some people are simply better than others. Freedom is the blessing to strive for your own worth. Justice itself is the entity that does unto you what you have done unto others and takes from you what you have taken from others. It shall not be swayed by whatever "unfairness" you may have suffered because "fairness" is simply not real. The delusional, subjective notions born of human whim cannot justify.

Even in fantasy, only something real can inspire. Yes, lies can incite and libel but being against someone or something is not a foundation. Something cannot be real unless it is founded on truth. Only that which is true can endure the scrutiny of reality's flow and balance.  Fiction need not be an allegory but it is meaningless rambling if it has nothing to say. When it does, it must be truthful. When it is, it must be entertaining. Should it be, it shall resonate. Enjoy.


  1. Only heroes can inspire. Villains merely encourage others to become as depraved as they already wished to be...

    1. Exactly! No hero can actually kill enough villains to destroy all evil in the world. No villain can cause enough harm to end all good. The power of hero or villain is not power at all but rather their example.